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mystery dot in upper left corner

C. Deel


I've noticed that most (possibly all) of our printed sheets have a spot in the extreme upper left of the printable area. it looks like a quarter-circle with the center at the corner of the printable area, and is about 1.5 cm in radius on a 24x36 sheet (smaller on 11x17, etc.)

It occurs with different drivers (GimpPrint, LaserWriter, even generating PDF) and from many different documents.

Has anyone else seen this?

We are on G4's with MacOS 10.2.4 and VW Architect 10.1.


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We have no such layer. (We don't use the standard VW document setup; we have our own standard layers & classes.)

I've scoured that corner of the document with all classes and layers turned on, and found nothing.

If it helps: most of the documents we're still working on were converted or batch-converted from VW versioin 9 documents.


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