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Paper Sizes with OSX and HP800ps

HEAT Architecture


When we send A2 size plots to print on our HP800ps plotter, we choose A2 in the page setup dialogue, choose "rotate" in the print dialogue and send to print. All is well except that the prints come off the roll cut to 456 x 594mm instead of the proper A2 size of 420 x 594mm.

Because they are 36mm too big, they have to be trimmed to the correct size - otherwise they don't fit in our A4 envelopes!

This used to happen with our old 455ca plotter, but in previous system versions you could set custom paper sizes - with OSX the page setup seems to ignore the custom paper sizes and revert to the "standard" (oversize) A2.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

(HP800ps, VW 9.5 and OS10.2.3)

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We have the same plotter and the same setup.

In OS X, if you create custom page sizes, you need to do your page setup for "Any Printer" to see the custom sizes you created. Then, in the print dialog, you select your printer. If you do the page setup for "DesignJet 800PS", you will only see the default sizes that the HP driver offers.

Also, the HP printer description file handles margins differently in OS X than it did in OS 9. If you describe the page size as exactly what you want, 420 mm for example, when you print, the driver will add the leading and trailing margin dimensions to the described size and cut the paper too long. The leading and trailing margin sizes for the 800PS are 17mm each, so it sounds like it is adding about 34mm to your page length.

The way we found to work around this is to describe the paper size just a little short. Try 419 mm for example. For some reason, if you describe the size just under the desired size, it will not add the margins to the length and will cut at exactly where you tell it.

I don't know if Apple or HP have changed any of this since I set up my custom page sizes , but it took me about a week of trial and error to get my custom page sizes set up, and once I did, I have not had any problems since. As funky as it is, I'm not going to question it further as long as my paper cuts at the right length.

Good luck,


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I spoke to Epson today about the 1520 with OSX problem. According to them they have the drivers ready but OSX is not developed to actually print variable paper sizes for them or any other mfg. Beyond the hype can Apple can pull their act together ? I am on the fence on upgrading or switching to PC. Cheers

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