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New problem with HP500PS

Peter Phillips


After eventually solving the 'agonisingly slow printing' problem on the HP500PS, which I posted on the message board a few months ago, I've now discovered a new problem and advice on how to solve it would be appreciated.

The problem is printing a drawing which has one of the layers set to 'Overlay' mode. I use this for adding landscape planting to drawings which still allow one to see the structural works beyond. The rip just refuses to work. If I change the offending layer to 'Paint' mode everything works fine. I have tried printing with the second tick box ticked in the subsidiary 'Vectorworks' dialog box in the printer setup dialog box (which says it will allow transparent items to be printed on postscript printers {which is effectively what I'm trying to do}) but all that happens is it rips for hours and still doesn't start printing.

If I can't get it to work I shall have to go back to tiling a drawing on my A3 inkjet - groan groan! And to think I paid ?2100 for all this!

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Thanks Katie

I'm afraid I don't understand your answer though. Are you saying that the tick box I mentioned IS supposed to enable postscript printers to print transparent layers - which they will not normally do - or are you saying that postscript printers simply won't print transparent layers and that I have to change those layers to print mode? If it is the latter then I will not be able to use this particular, and useful, facility of Vectorworks?

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Post Script printers do not support transparency except in PS leve 3 I believe. However, VW still cannot print those obejcts as transparent.

Checkmarking this box will allow those objects that are set to be trasnparent to print using a special printing technique. This of course, will increase the ammount of time needed to print.

If you have the layers trasnfer mode to overlay, there is still a good chance it will not print. If this is the case you are having, please set the layers transfer mode to paint.

Please see page 2-4 - 2-5 in the VW user's guide (version 10) for further explaination.

If you are using VW 9, please see pages 2-10 - 2-12.

[ 01-14-2003, 11:32 AM: Message edited by: Katie ]

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