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Petri Sakkinen


I am having serious problems with the old mainstay of CAD DTP - Print2Pict.

Usually it works, but occasionally it does not, but crashes VW, with error code 4 (divide by zero).

The strange thing is that the problems appeared, I think, in MacOS 9/VW 8.5 combination, then by and large went away with VW 9 - now they are back.

The files & print areas are fairly large (I often need A2 image files at 300dpi).

Unfortunately, M. Raoult has not updated his fabulous piece of software since 1996. Maybe I have an extension conflict or something? Any ideas?

MacOS 9.2.2 VW 9.5.1

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There were a lot of internal printing changes in 9.5.0 and then a few more tweaks in 9.5.1.

I would just leave a copy of 9.0.1 on the machine and open the file in that when the need arises to generate a large PICT. You could also use Print2PDF and convert the PDF into a PICT.

Matthew GiampapaNNA Technical Support

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Right - makes sense in the light of my recent experiences. (Luckily, I have enough RAM to even run two versions simultaneously.) But can we undo these internal changes? I'm not the only one who relies on Print2Pict. Alternatively, 'Export / image file' should be changed to only export the current print page. (Option?)

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Well, I hope you get the future changes right as comes to a streamlined production line of high-quality raster graphics. I, for one, run VW, ArtLantis, PhotoShop, Word and PageMaker simultaneously to get the job done and high-resolution TIFFs are an absolute necessity. (I need layer transfer modes, so EPS is pretty mcuh useless, as is PDF.) Just once, get expert help from someone who actually does these things in the real world. (Not me!)

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