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There's no way to completely automate it. I've looked at doing this myself a while back. You can however automate quicktime movie creation. You would think there would be a way to automate single image creation as well. We export thumbnails of all our jobs the hard way...

NNA, how about adding the calls we need to output images file using Vectorscript.

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but you can use the quicktime creation

if you make a movie that has the frames you want at one second intervals and a frame rate of 1frame/sec.

the frames can then be pulled out of the movie and copy of the frames made into thumbnails.

pretty sure 'graphics convertor' that comes free with osX can process the movie file as a batch process.

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I completely missed the QT scripting commands. I was focused on the menu execution commands, and knew they wouldn't work. But QTWriteFrame, in theory, is exactly what I needed. I'm creating an animation--not just a fly-by or a solar animation--but actually moving and rotating objects. Here's the final result http://homepage.mac.com/cloudhidden/.cv/cloudhidden/Public/DomeHangars.mov-link.mov . (Warning: 8 Mb)

I wrote "in theory" above, because I re-did my script for the QT VS commands. It worked brilliantly in that the script can run completely unattended. However, to get the same quality as I had from my jpg approach, I was getting a file that was HUGE. My movie would have been more than 30 Mb instead of 8 Mb.

So now I have to decide on the lesser of the evils--creation time or file size. Or I have to figure out why the QT images are so much larger than the high quality jpgs that I them let QT Pro sequence into a movie. Ideas? Maybe I'll repost this into one of the other discussion areas.

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Identical frame rates. When you image sequence with QT Pro, you can't choose key frames. Essentially, every frame is a key frame. Thus my surprise that it was so much smaller than even the VW-made QT movie with frame rate of 12/s and key frame every 12 frames. Same compression settings. The sequenced-jpg mov seems to be better quality while also being a lot smaller. Must be something in the way frames are made (images stored) in the VW QT movie, versus jpg's. Wish I knew what, or how to control it, be/c that would be more convenient.

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