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Batch printing

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You can write something to print multiple layers or sheets within the active document, BUT you have to be willing to hit the "OK" button everytime the print dialog appears, which is really not very desirable. You cannot print mulitple files however,or batch files to save them as DWG files.

It would be nice to see vectorscript reachoutside the active document and allowscriptors to suppress print and other dialogs.Something like what Filemaker does would be a step in the right direction.

If your intent is to print drawings within adocument, let me know more exact what you what to do, I'll be glad to help you out.


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Is it possible to write a script that will batch print a number of drawings?

Or for that matter, batch convert a number of drawings to .dwg format? that's what I send to my architect.

This would be a big time saver for me. If it is possible, I would be willing to learn Vectorscript.....the learning curve would be worth it!

Dave Harper PE

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On the Mac you can select all the files and say 'Print'. If you have something like OkeyDokey Pro, it can click 'OK' for you. Dunno about Windows, but surely something similar exists.

Inside the document you will be able to run a script that calls all (or specifically defined) Saved Sheets, then says Print. Again, you need outside help to click OK.

There was recently a discussion about the topic on the VectorScript mailing list. You might check the archives.

VWA has a Print Sheets command, which also links to the Issue Manager.

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