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Changing Record fields


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Maybe you code smart guys have a solution for this.

I have many doors/windows inserted in walls; most of them are instances of the same symbol.

The automatic schedule reads their door/window records reporting sizes and IDs after I've used the ID tool.

Now in the DD stage of the project I'm ready to add more info, frame materials, ratings etc.

How do I do that for every instance without having to select them one at a time and type always the same fields info again and again?

What's the point of using an auto scheduling feature if it becomes slower then using an Excel spreadsheet where I can easily repeat cells info from row to row? At least I manually type the same info just once, instead of 100 times if I have 100 doors. The change record fields tool only updates symbols in a folder yet to be inserted, not the existing ones. The replace text will look into record fields but only if you already have some text in them.

Using symbols ( so that maybe you can edit one and change all) won't help because the record fields are independent from the editing unless you create a report/schedule that reads inside symbols info, but then you won't get the ID # info which is different from instance to instance.

So what do you guys do? Why use the auto scheduling instead of importing an Excel sheet which at least won't show ghost info that you cannot manually edit ( a subject I wrote a lot about it with no feedback from NNA or users)?

If you have any suggestion, please help! Pretty soon my bosses will want an updated schedule and I don't know how to quickly proceed! :-(


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If you have 20 windows that are the sameplaced through out your document and you later need to go back and add additionalinformation that is the same for all thosewindows. You can select all the windows at once and enter the additional informationone time across every window .

If the windows are all a little differentyou could create a script to dump record infofor each window into a worksheet row. Enterthe additional info for each and have a second script update each placed window.

You could also create a script that would cyclethrough each window one at a time and give you a dialog box to set the fields with.


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Size of wondows will change but the rest should match. If you can have that script I'd really appreciated. If it's too complicated or time consuming for you, then I'll erase the common window record fields in the record itself and retype them and that will save me some time.

Thanks a lot anyway.

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