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Accessing Information and Clipping

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How do I set up a script to access the data forms that are similar to the ones included in the Engineering Properties folder that came with VW. I can't seam to find a way to access that information and assign it to a variable.

Also is there a way to clip the surface of an object more than once in a script.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Here's a snippet from something I use to look up part information. Create a text file namedpartinfo.txt and place it in the Plug-ins folderwith the following in that file.----below here----L90 5 0.5---above here-----It's critical that the text file contains the fields in the exact right format. - IMPORTANTPartName<tab> partprice <tab>partweight<cr>You can add as many parts lines to this file as needed.


Procedure lookupinfo;CONST ktype = 'L90'; kFileName = 'Plug-ins\partinfo.txt';VAR Price,wt: REAL; P : REAL; PartFound : BOOLEAN;

Procedure LookUpPart; { * Looks up part * } VAR PartName : STRING; PartPrice ,Partweight : REAL; BEGIN Open ( kFileName ); REPEAT; Readln ( PartName , PartPrice , Partweight );IF PartName = ktype THEN BEGIN P:= PartPrice; wt := Partweight; PartFound := TRUE; END; UNTIL ( PartFound = TRUE ) OR ( EOF ( kFileName ) = TRUE ); Close( kFileName );END;

BEGIN {* Main * }

LookUpPart;AlrtDialog( Concat('Part#',ktype,', Part Price = $',P, ', Weight =',Num2str ( 2, wt ) ) );

END;Run (lookupinfo);

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