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  1. Thank You, I will try it out as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have been given another priority project. Thanks Phil
  2. What would the code sequence be to enable a plugin to utilized Tab Delimited text files for information. I see in the Hex Bolt plug in support files that it can be done. I just can not find any where in the documentation how to use those resources. I am writing a similar style of plug in and really need to figure it out. Thanks Phil
  3. Thank you, I got it to work. I just need to be able to access and assign variables in text files now. ThanksPhil
  4. How do I set up a script to access the data forms that are similar to the ones included in the Engineering Properties folder that came with VW. I can't seam to find a way to access that information and assign it to a variable. Also is there a way to clip the surface of an object more than once in a script. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Ok, I am looking for a way to have my object script, in a plugin, to redraw when the drop menu is changed from one view to another. I have a piece of pipe and I want there to be an end view(Circle) and a side (Rect) view. I know how to get the script to draw the correct object initially but do not know how to get the script to update and redraw based on a change in the object info menu. Will the (GetCustomObjectInfo) command return to the script and have the object redraw, If not what comand should I use? ThanksPhil Sacchitella
  6. I was wondering if any one has a working sample script that is similar to the samples provided with Vectorworks. I need to make symbols, similar to the "VW ENGINEER Sampler.mcd" file, I am hoping to create 2D objects that have multiple views and multiple attributes. I am just getting started with vectorscript so any help with learning this would be greatly appreciated.Phil S.


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