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Static Viewports



What if ... you could toggle a setting in the viewport OIP so that it would no longer update automatically. In other words, it would remain rendered and static.

This would allow you to bypass the whole clumsy process of exporting images and re-importing them. It would allow you to display multiple design versions for evaluation. Even more importantly, at the end of the project when you are tweaking, updating and altering minor notes, it would keep you from having to constantly re-render all of your viewports unnecessarily

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This is a great idea! When this check box is selected you update the viewport manually not automatically. Half the time I don't understand why the viewport is updating.

The trouble with using the rendered bitmap is if you do make a change later you have to delete and replace each image. I do use rendered bitmaps for special covers sometimes exporting them out to Photoshop to make them perfect then importing. You can get incredible results.

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