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  1. You know there was a version of AutoCAD running on the Mac in the late '80s. The problem was Apple insisted in running the graphics thru Quick Draw. QD was so slow that no one liked AutoCAD it on the Mac. Made the early version of MIniCAD look really good.
  2. Now that was easy. I'm not going to tell you how much time I spent trying to figure that out. Geez.... Thanks for the help.
  3. Where is the setting to make window A look like window B? I know this has to be simple but I can't find the difference. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the info. Also I found a file in the 2008 workspace that states all the changes. Very helpful. Thanks NNA.
  5. Does a document exist that tells me what new items need to be added to my totally tricked out workspace from ver 12 to 13. I would like to use my old workspace and update the new features if possible. Thanks,
  6. I second Animationworks. You can also animate objects while you are viewing a walk through. Like water running in a fountain, a fire burning, or opening a door or gate. Very good software.
  7. To me the simplest way to find the email is recognizing the title after you do a key search and get back a big list of email titles. Many time with replying and forwarding you get crazy email titles that mean nothing. I will often forward an email to myself so I can rename the title just for this purpose.
  8. Here you go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pythagorean_theorem
  9. Thanks Pat, this does look like it should be able to do what I want. I downloaded the software, manual, and tutorial file but I can't find a step by step type instructions that usually accompany the tutorial file. Anyone know if this exists? Or a QT instruction video?
  10. I want to do a QT movie showing storm drainage around a house. Are any of you familiar with software that I can use with VW or stand alone that will let me animate something looking like water flowing around a 3D final render image? What I want is something like you see on the Discovery Channel that makes the complex simple and easy to understand. Thanks
  11. Try this for fun. "Ctrl+Opt+Cmd-8" OSX let's you toggle back and forth really easy.
  12. Ran repair permission on my MacBook yesterday and got these warnings about files that need repair but could not be repaired. So I booted with the install disk and ran again and got the same results. Turns out it's a problem but Apple says to not worry about it. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=306925
  13. The other day I sat down at a fellow students Vectorworks stations I discovered I couldn't do a thing without my workspace. I had no idea where menu items were or how to edit or change modes. If I had taken a test, you would conclude I know very little about Vectorworks and would not be productive. I would do really well on the keyboard count productivity scale on my system. Everything I do is left handed keystokes and right handed mouse buttons, wheels, and moves.
  14. Raymond you are a genius "exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability". It can be soo simple and yet soo baffling in the Emerald City. Thank you.
  15. OK downloaded another copy of the updater. Ran the installation and everything acted like it was fine right up to the end. The message says the installation was successful. I have two copies in my 12.5.2 folder. This is what happens when I try to open the new one.
  16. Katie, I'm still running 10.4.10 not Leopard. I have had problems upgrading from the web before so I will call the sales department for the DVD. thanks,
  17. OK ran the disk utility and rebooted. Did a reinstall. Attach 1 Found this file in my 12.5.2 folder. Attach 2 If I try to open it I get this. Attach 3
  18. I upgraded to 12.5.3 over the web. Got the message "install was successful". When I launch the program it still says it's 12.5.2(71041). Did I do something wrong?
  19. Just turn off the snap to grid until you finish drawing the symbol then turn it back on before you start drawing.
  20. Does anyone know how to printout a workspace for managing transitions? Maybe a script or a command I can't find. Thanks,
  21. By drawing in the scale that you plan to print your sheets, you can tell in advance how your drawing is going to fit on your sheet.
  22. Hello.... Does 2008 allow single key stokes (without modifiers) for menu commands yet?
  23. Does 2008 allow single key stokes (without modifiers) for menu commands yet?
  24. Peter, Definitely agree on the big monitor and the mouse, but I love this MacBook keyboard. I got used to it really quick. The function keys are set active all the time. It would be a challenge going back to the standard keyboard now. Larry
  25. I have used that method and I find it easier to just use the detail bubble and put a letter over the number. I suppose there are other good work arounds. I guess I need to writing a plugin.
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