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still not impressed....

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Now I know I'm gonna get stoned to death for this, but Vectorworks still has a long way to go to catch up with AutoCAD as far as 3d capabilities.

How on earth do I adjust the size of a simple 3d box? I love VW when it comes to 2d drafting 'cause you can adjust the sizes easily after you draw rectangles, lines, etc in the object info box....But when I try to change the size of a simple 3D box, all of that ease just goes right out the window. All that is accessible in the object properties box is the object's position on the page. Just tell me how to change the size of the darn box, someone, before I pull my hair out!!!!!!! mad.gif" border="0

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I am assuming you crreated a box by extruding a rectangle. If so - you can change the height using the Extr field in the OI Palette or use 3D reshape tool to drag to the desired height. If you need to change the dimension of the rectangle after the creation of the extrusion, do Edit Group, and then change the dimensions of the rectangle.

If you used the Extruded Rectangle Tool, to create the box, the object type is mesh and you can change the coordinates of individual vertices of the mesh thru OI Palette.

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Every time I built a 3D model with VW in an office where other people used AutoCad or 3D Studio for modeling, they were amazed by the speed I could do stuff compared to what it would take to them. I agree only on the fact that it should be much easier (a la VectorWorks 2D ) to move objects vertically , just typing in the OIP the new Z value. This only works with few kinds of objects.

Cad like Autocad and Microstation where everything exist in the 3d space make this easier.

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