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Improvements to Callout Tool



One frustration that we have with the callout tool is the difficulty in aligning the text boxes. We always want part of the text box aligned rather than part of the leader. With the callout tool the align command just doesn't work. It always tries to align the leader. If we are annotating a detail it would be handy to select all the notes on the left side, say, and use the align tool to align them to the left without affecting where the leader is pointing too.

It seems that the callout tool as it currently exists is leader-centric rather than text-centric. That approach makes the tool far less efficient to use.

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You can line up the text by 'stretching' the horizontal leader leg. Not great but it works.

I am annoyed by the fact that the horizontal leader leg stays the length it is when you move the change of direction vertex around. THis means that if you make a change you then have to go back in and reposition the text again. That is not the way it should work!

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I agree with "aersloat." To be useful for us, the callout tool need to allow the user to EASILY align the text of any number of notes in a drawing.

I like the idea of the callout tool, but in its current form it is not usable for us. We resort to using the text tool for the note and the arc tool for the leader line. I'd rather be able to use the callout tool and do this in one step, but the lack of flexibility in aligning the text is a real problem.

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