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I have been collecting some notes for a while. I take notes of stuff i find strange, odd, out of place or just plain and simple stupid. I don't really know where to push them so they reach the correct person so i put them all in this post and hope it will reach the correct people in the end.


  1. Sheet Layer viewport scale: If you set the scale to custom, and work your way trough different scales to get your viewport to fit your needs and hit a predefined scale, this disables the custom scale and you have to go back in and again set that you still want to work in custom scale. I have set it to custom, and i expect it to be custom until I tell VW otherwise.
  2. The class lists are not the same throughout VW. OIP class list has hierarchical view, but other places has not. Should not these views be the same, so the trained eye is more efficient? Also, it could be linked so that all class lists look the same in regards of expanded/not expanded hierarchical view, this as a suggestion.
  3. Braceworks naming: "Add point load" and "Insert distributed load", why is there a difference in the first word here? Cant they both be Add OR Insert? Just to be constant and make it a bit easier to find in the menus.
  4. Specially in Braceworks but in general, why can i not pan and work in a drawing while a dialog window is open? Like having a worksheet open, it is possible to still work in the drawing. Very very often the dialog or choices you need to make in a dialog requires data from the drawing. And planning every open window and view before opening a dialog window is very hard.
  5. Spotlight Numbering; There should be a button AND shortcut to "reset" the increment value to 1 and increase the prefix by 1.
  6. Move by points tool:
    1. If you use this tool to copy or move objects, why does vectorworks need to make all calculations of the move before i click the end position? I would think that moving the blue outline in general should be a very simple maneuver, but doing this for "big moves" takes a HUGE chunk of computer resources. And if you wait long enough for all the calculations is done when you click the final position, everything snaps in really quick. I would assume this process to do things the other way around, make it as easy as possible to move the blur mock-up then when i actually chose my final position then all the calculations is done. As it is now, finding the right position is very difficult due to the workload and lag. 
    2. I really wish for several changes in the Move by point tool, one is to separate it into two different tools, "Move by point" and "Copy by point". These are two functions used every other time, and changing the tool settings for the move by point tool each and every time is quite tedious. And before i start, i really do know weather I want to move or copy, and can easily select "M" for move or "C" for copy.
    3. I would really like to see a new array integration in the Move and copy by point tool. The possibility to do arrays, both line, rectangle and circular with the possibility to interact with the drawing at the same time and even see a blue mock-up during the different settings is set would be pure amazing!  
  7. Throughout vectorworks I would like to see a bit more consistency. As an example, the "point on arc" symbol for Arcs or Poly line are not the same, and they don't behave the same.
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