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Update to Vectorworks 2024


Hello everyone,


I'm interested in hearing your opinions on Vectorworks 2024. In our office we are considering transitioning from the 2023 version to the current 2024 one.


In the past we have always opted to work with the previous year's version, as newer iterations often encountered initial challenges.

However we are now noticing an accumulation of issues with the older version, such as display errors in sections or drawings no longer being visible.

Consequently we are contemplating whether to update with all our projects.


How do you approach this and what have been your experiences with Vectorworks 2024?


I appreciate comprehensive feedback and wish everyone a great day! 

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At some point, we all have to move to the latest version for a variety of reasons.  I am still advising my clients to stick with 2023 until the bugs are mostly exterminated.  The staying one release behind strategy is more important than ever this season.


I suggest people start exploring 2024 for small tasks such as drawing details or modeling small objects like entourage just to become familiar with the significantly changed interface…. Tools look different and the arrangement of the workspace will take some time for most to become comfortable with.  This update costs companies significant time and money to transition to, I wouldn’t move my projects to it until the majority of your staff feels ready.  Getting buy in from your group is the most important thing, not the opinions of strangers on the internet 🙂


The new AI rendering tool could become a big distraction in some offices.   I would find a way to disable it until the legal questions get sorted out and the company developed its own policies on how these tools are used.  It’s like when people first got the internet in their office, countless hours lost to slack’n and lots of lawsuits for using the tool inappropriately.  Humans are going to human after all.

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