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Nothing showing in my Vision software after exporting / opening a vectorworks file.

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I have made myself a little stage and rig to get used to Vectorworks spotlight. I now want to export this and get it into Vision. When I select 'Export to Vision' Vision will load up perfectly fine and it displays everything in the Scene Graph. However, nothing appears in my actual Vision and I don't know what to do. I am very new to this and am very confused : ) Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

P.S - please see attached pictures of the Vision software and Vectorworks.

Vectorworks forum picture 1.jpg

Vectorworks forum picture 2.jpg

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I will sometimes see this if you accidentally have one or more objects in your VWX that are VERY far from the main scene. Vision tries to fit the entire bounding box of the scene in view when first opening an ESC/MVR from VW.


Two things you can try:

1. See if you can hunt down any objects that may be far from the rest of your scene. Either delete them or try to leverage visibilities to stop them from exporting.

2. More of a workaround, but you can select an individual item in the Scene Graph Palette (such as a lighting pipe) and then use the Fit To Objects tool in the toolbar. This will zoom you in to that object. From there, you can likely navigate to a view you like and save the Vision file. Since the camera position saves with the VSN, you shouldn't have this issue when re-opening the file.

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