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Fascia Enhancements


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Ok I ended up creating all the gutters and facias using the "extrude along path" method. However I find this workflow very manual, finicky, and very time consuming, and therefore really not desirable.  As a single practitioner, time is a precious resource.


Since the first post, I've noticed that this feature has been asked for for many years. Why It hasn't been implemented, I don't know.


But I do have a second idea that I believe could work just as well. It could also work for other disciplines for other purposes. 


It would be a new modeling function called "extrude along picked edge". A profile could be drawn or picked from the resource manager. If picked from the resource manager as a 2d symbol, it's insertion point would be used as the origin for the extrusion. when implemented, one would pick the profile or profile symbol, and then pick a series of edges along a model for the extrusion. If the new path could be associated with the picked edges, the extrusion would adjust position as changes are made to the hose object. A flip x axis and flip y axis option for the profile would be needed for adjustments if the extrusion needed to be reversed along the path.


combined with a shell option this could work great for metal wall copings. This would also work great for curbs, wall trim, and ect...



Rudy Beuc



Screenshot (248).png

Screenshot (241).png

Screenshot (242).png

Screenshot (243).png

Screenshot (244).png

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