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  1. Gaaahhh!!!! After floundering around trying to enter in bearings for a survey, thru brute force trial and error, I find I can use "D" to enter in degrees for NE bearings. I don't need ALT 176 or something else. So N 24D 23' 15" E gets correctly entered/accepted/interpreted as N 24° 23' 15"E. Is there a list of means of entering/typing in data? If not can folks reply how they enter stuff in so I can generate a list? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  2. I noticed that option, I was hoping there would be a more elegant workflow. <<The whole inserting roof light setup needs a major overhaul>> I couldn't agree more.
  3. So I've measured up a roof and am laying it out. Finally figured out how to add a skylight. Now how do I move it around to be at the desired location? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  4. I wish there was a way to directly edit the individual components; treads, risers and outline; in plan. That way I could model this condition in the stair without a bunch of manual extrudes, overlays, and whatnot. The stair would be one object and everything would be story and level aware. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  5. Working from the laptop today. I wish I could shrink the dialogue boxes further so that the scroll bars would appear. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  6. Loving the new Handles, (?), on doors and windows when the object is selected in plan view. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  7. I've been researching this and spinning my wheels for a few days, and haven't arrived at a clear answer yet, so here goes... I've created a hybrid symbol of a piece or equipment. What's the preferred updated workflow of attaching variable and non variable data to it? Non variable data would be linked/attached with the symbol definition, and would indicate model #, electrical usage, fuel usage, & ect... Variable usage would be linked/attached to the instance of the symbol definition as it is placed in the BIM model, indicating unit number, location, and so forth. They'll be coffee roasters BTW..... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  8. Hmmm..... Ws the imported text comprised ot true type fonts or *.shx fonts? Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  9. I submitted it. Turns out that the text did not have any justification value set to vertical or horizontal in the OIP. Checking a box for those values brought back the select-ability of the text and the text edit box. They've entered this as a bug. Hadn't occurred to me to look at and try those values. I had figured the justification had matched the pick box location on screen. Kinda make me feel better that a bug was found... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  10. Yeah, none of that worked. Oddly enough, I created a new file and it worked correctly... Here's the problem file. I'm going to explore this more throughout the day... Thanks, Rudy Beuc Text prob.vwx
  11. Nope, that those don't seem to be it..... Rudy 2023-09-28 20-36-59.mkv
  12. BTW this also happens on my laptop which is Windows 11.
  13. What could be causing the behavior depicted? I can't get a text edit box. Really tried to figure this one out before posting... Thanks, Rudy Beuc 2023-09-28 19-29-25.mkv
  14. It there a way to toggle through a series of overlapping objects in order to pick and select the desired one? This has been driving me nuts for some time. I want to manipulate an object but cant select it. I'm tracing over a bitmap and VW always wants to select the bitmap. I know about the show snap modify options for classes, but often I'm trying to manipulate objects on different classes. Sorry for the background music in the clip, I didn't realize that was going to be recorded.... Thanks, Rudy Beuc 2023-09-28 13-12-42.mkv
  15. Also figured out I was using the move & duplicate command wrong... Some more adjusting from what I've been using for years.... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  16. OK, figured it out. "Hold Control Key to Retain Original Objects" Now wondering how this changed during the upgrade from 2023... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  17. Just upgraded to 2024 and the Move and Duplicate tool does not seem to be working. What's up? Also, some of the dialogues need to resize with the text. Thanks, Rudy Beuc 2023-09-15 10-36-13.mkv
  18. Nope, had my hopes up as to that being the answer for the duplicates, but no.... Thanks anyway.... Rudy
  19. Well, it doesn't freeze exactly. It's always been during a hidden line render in regular design layer space or in a viewport. The machine slows down, while geometry is being rerendered or whatnot. Hard drive goes to town, memory gets used up, and the machine becomes unusable. I'll see if I can reproduce it. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  20. Yes I've done that. And it did eliminate the problems mentioned at first. Thing is, today VW locked up my computer and so I had to power down and start back up. Completely ruined my viewing of the coffee break today. After doing so I noticed more objects copied in place. Even a Section Line and some Grid Lines. I thought I had eliminated all duplicates yesterday, so I suspect this is happening during the lock ups and restarts. Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  21. It's happened again. I've got overlapping walls and such. More than once I've had to punch out, and just power the computer off and on again while VW was locked up and processing some view. Mabey that's when it's happening.... Thanks, Rudy Beuc
  22. Wow, No, having overlapping walls was not intentional. I don't know where in the process that could have happened or how it happened. I lost a good 4 to 5 hours trying to figure out what was wrong. I had noticed the lines in the wall right at the floor plane or layer level, but figured those were artifacts of some sort. I'm used to another CAD/Bim software and am habituated to other object selection procedures, but I don't know how that would have created walls with 0 heights. We'll see ow the rest of the day goes.... Thank you for your insights, Rudy Beuc
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