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we need vectorworks design : modeling :  visualization : drafting help

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Hi Doron,


I am interested!


Looks like a mix of 2D and 3D work in VWx plus visualisation. Let me go trough those key points you highlighted.


1) I can tweak the 3D models in Vwx and render them into Twinmotion, which also would allow some little animation too.


2) 2D detailing and specifications for these drawings could also be a good occasion to start creating a database for your own annotations, using your style, your preferred descriptions for finishes etc. So you could start fishing from these also for future projects.


3) I have helped other firms optimising their workflow in VWx. I like to tailor the strategies as much as possible on your way of working, simply optimising it making it smart and fitting for yourself (VEWx is a flexible tool, so I like to keep it like so as much as possible).


A bit about myself: I'm an Italian architect working in England. ARB and RIBA registered. I have my own little LTD company, and I have been working on VWx since ... ever!


I have worked on international large projects, one of which in Texas, interfacing with other Revit and SketchUp firms successfully exchanging BIM data with them.


If you think I could be of help, please contact me at marco@wearebastion.co.uk or marco.zavagno@hotmail.com which is the address on my profile in this forum.


I look forward to hearing from you,


Marco Zavagno



for me it was 1994: Minicad 4!

... so are we both Mac users?



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fellow vectorworks people,



the response to my post has been amazing ! 

although navigating through all the possibilities and still working as an architect / contractor has been daunting.


several people have reached out to me to help with general improvements, design/drafting, modeling, rendering, and animations.

i have gotten great feedback on my past work and lots of recommendations for improving systems, processes and output.

i am all about constant improvement and i appreciate the time people have taken to help me get better.


there are some incredibly skilled people in this forum and i continue to invite people far and wide to reach out to me.


i look forward to the possibilities and stay inspired !


doron dreksler

architect : contractor

spire architecture inc


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