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Marionette Question Regarding Popup Items - How to set height on item (x) based on choice (y)

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First, thank you all for many years of content on this board. I am recently new to working with Marionette, and the last programming I did was on an Apple 2GS, so stick with me on this one 😉


I am building a simple marionette tool as a base function for creating truss uprights. I have everything correct to create a single, vertical truss with fixtures at an accurate height, but I am falling short in building the network to achieve the lighting fixture height based on length of the truss chosen in the popup dialogue. I'm missing a step, and was hoping to see if anyone could set me down the right path for choosing the height of certain objects based on a choice from a specific popup. IE a 10' stick of truss puts lights at 10'4", 8' stick at 8'4"...etc.

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I think I answered that question - I have succeeded after finding "Same String" and using the boolean applied to an "If" statement. That worked, and it seemed simple once I posted here.


I then discovered that my lighting symbols are losing their Lighting Info upon completion of the Marionette. Is there any way to restore the fixtures to their original fixture symbol definition?

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Can you provide a small file with your network, the results of that network, and an example of what you want it to be when it's done? I just want to make sure I understand the situation correctly.

If you don't want to share publicly, you could send it in a direct message.

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