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Vectorworks vs Archicad


I am a loyal supporter of Vectorworks but your programmers must keep an eye on what your competition is doing. For example take a close look at this link:


I particularly like the multi-storey building tools within Archicad, a kind of paste to other layers command. Most of this stuff is already in Vectorworks but is having trouble busting out of an human interface which is often quirky and restrictive. I am sure most of the features in Archicad could easily be implemented within Vectorworks. However, somehow you have to improve your 3D interface - the seamlessness of your 2D to 3D environments is a must. At the moment switching from the 2D to 3D environment is almost like firing up separate cad packages, as 3D editing tools are either too limiting or have a quirky convoluted human interface. Archicad seems very strong at allowing editing within the 3D environment. Do others agree?

P.S. I don't own Archicad nor do I wish to, and I must admit that Vectorwork's 2D interface is much better than Archicad?s. Therefore I am writing this because I believe Vectorworks is close to kicking Archicad?s butt in all areas including Architecture, but alas needs a little nudge in the right direction - implement viewports and make working within the 3D environment pleasurable rather than painful.

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PAY ATTENTION.I'm going to second this. Archicad is on the verge of releasing a version (8 due at the end of the year) which includes dual head support, palette docking, and single key stroke customization to its user interface. In version 7 the user interface is cumbersome and mouse driven (you have to pick commands from palettes). Unfortunately, they have Vectorworks beat (as you noted) in three key areas: 1. The dynamic link of plan, section and 3-d model. 2. dynamic linking to other programs in the print window (i.e. links to OLE docs such as Excel dynamically update as they are modified) 3. sections include not only the parametric information of the wall and floor construction, but elevational information beyond the cut line.

CONCLUSION: Architectural design is barreling down the path of parametric object design. You can choose to either lead, follow, or get out of the way. Personally I'ld like to see you lead but you will have to do it with adequate BETA testing (no more 9's) and quality control.

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