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Need help optimizing my marionette object node


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I have built a marionette that draws a dynamic aluminum frame for use in event and trade fair constructions. I intend to use it as an object node. The marionette has become quite complex, as it offers various options that manipulate the object's size, details, and general setup. It also attaches records and sets classes.

I have attempted to create or manipulate the geometry using different concepts, but they have all resulted in the same problem: they are very slow. Whenever I make changes in the OIP or duplicate them, it takes 30 seconds. Even if I turn options off (build with valves) the object doesn't seem to get much faster.

What did I try:

I've tried to isolate the parts of the code which cause the long waiting time, by deleting parts of the code. The parts that creates the connectors and the panel have the biggest impact.

I've changed the code to insert a symbol, instead of drawing the connector everytime but it didn't seem to make a difference.


Is there anyone who can help me optimize the marionette code to create a well-functioning dynamic object, or is this the limitation of marionette scripting? If I want faster and better code, do I need to hardcode it? I can imagine that the resulting code of a marionette network is quite long because every node brings a code header..., which could be simplified in a hardcoded PIO.


Attached is a version with some comments, as I'm from Germany everything is named in German but I've tried to add some English comments to make things clearer.


Thanks in advance




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Do the calculation first and minimize the extrude, Move or rotate nodes.


I am struggling with similar Problem, i made Marionettes for extragroup cabinets and now i am seeking for a method to minimize the Code. U can wrap your Marionette and get the hole python Code. Then minimize it? Maybe Chat gpt can help u, i asked it today but see yourself

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