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Is there a way to stop the renering (final hidden line removal, quick, etc..) in progress? I have noticed that sometimes I decide I do not want that particular effect and the program continues to keep going until the operation is finished or I "force quit". I have also noticed that unless I reset the rendering type to "wireframe" before quitting the program will render the model whenever the file is opened or whenever "model layer - perspective" is selected. VWA 8.5, Mac, 9.04

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Originally posted by FRED JOHNSON:

Is there a way to stop the renering (final hidden line removal, quick, etc..) in progress?

Command period should halt any of the rendering operations in progress. On windows ESC will do the same thing.

When you save a document it retains your current view and rendering mode. If you save a document while in a rendered view it will re-render when you open the document. You can simplify this a little by saving a sheet while you are in wireframe mode. You can turn off the options for rememebering layer and class visibilty and just have it remember the view. You can similarly create a render sheet as well.



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