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Building vwr for Windows


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I've had to re-install Windows, which meant updating to 11, and now I can't get buildvwr.exe to run without error. I have a few questions:


- Is the .vwr the same for Windows and Mac? If so, I can just copy from the Mac install and avoid this issue

- Looking at a previous .vwr built with the Windows script, it appears to be a zip file. This seems to be contrary to the information in the developer wiki, which states the .vwr is just a directory with an extension (which is definitely true on Mac)

- If the answer to my first question is "no," has anyone encountered this and figured out a solution?


As a side note, I've eliminated the buildvwr step when compiling on Mac, and used a Copy Bundle Resources step, which both copies the .vwr and sets any needed permissions and flags.

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Yes the VWR is a ZIP file.


You could create a batch file that creates the zip with "7Zip" in the Post build event.


This was quickly put together and is untested:


cd C:\Program Files\7-Zip 
7z a "C:\Users\pwink\Desktop\res.zip" "C:\Users\pwink\Documents\DEV\CableTools\CableTools.vwr\DialogLayout" "C:\Users\pwink\Documents\DEV\CableTools\CableTools.vwr\Images" "C:\Users\pwink\Documents\DEV\CableTools\CableTools.vwr\Strings"





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