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Television tool inserting with a Z height equal to "Height" parameter in symbol

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I am seeing something weird, and I don't think it's just me or the custom symbols I am using.


If I add a TV object using the default Spotlight tool, the TV object is placed with a Z height (even when dropped from plan view).  The Z height seems to be improperly looking at the "Height" screen parameter stored in the TV screen data in the symbol.  This is something new happening for 2023 after moving resource files over.  This is also happening when inserting the stock symbols as well, so I would not think that there has been a change to the tool and what the fields mean/do.


Anyone else run in to this?  It's minor, just having to correct the Z height, but it's bugging me.

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13 hours ago, C. Andrew Dunning said:


Not just you - though, the default Z value I'm seeing doesn't seem to be linked to any of the model data.  And...instances I place have a negative Z value.


For me this is what I see.  If I drop a TV using the tool, it gets a negative Z value as you also seem to be seeing:



But if i look in the symbol itself at the Record data:



The negative Z height is the same as the Height value, and seems to be for every TV I drop using the tool.  This is new behaviour in 2023.  At first I thought maybe TVs no longer need an entered height and width, but the generic ones all still have a value entered for those.

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