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Some elements not rendering


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I have elements that render fine (final render quality) when I look at them on their respective layers individually. They also look great in the mapping dialogue box. They will render fine on the Linked layer UNTIL I add a new element, and then something that worked before now comes out without the mapping, just the solid color.

The elements I am creating are roofs, walls that are turned to solid subtractions so I could place windows above each other or add exposed beams easily. The mappings are from the system, shingles, wood etc. It also seems to happen only when the Sun is on. Earlier I was getting degredation of the mapping in the form of black spots making the smooth siding look weathered!

It seems like a memory problem to me so I upped the Virtual memory to the max of 4095, set prefs in the Windows XP for program performance, opened only Vectoworks by itself, etc. But nothing seems to work. Back on the individual layer and in mapping box the element looks fine.

I am running a Gateway laptop M675 with Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 2, Pentium 4, 3.00GHZ, 1.00GB of Ram. My graphics card is Mobility Radeon 9600 that says is is working fine. I put Vectorworks in the Firewall exception list and then I turned the firewall off as well.

The app is Ver. 11.01, 453 objects in drawing, three layers--1st Fl, 2nd Fl, & roof are linked into the Linked layer. One sun, one fill light (sun light on about 28%, and some interior lights to make windows interesting. Glass mapping is glass simple. File size is 18,937K. What can I do?

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