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Hi all. I'm trying to link some text in a symbol to a field of a record format. I've double-triple checked that I have the names of the record format and field correct, but I don't end up with linked fields. I have over 100 fields to link, which is why I'm trying to automate this process. Here's a snippet of the script that's tripping me up:


vs.BeginSym("Console Routing")
# some other code #
for chan in range(64):
	vs.CreateText(f'input {str(chan + 1)}')
	vs.LinkText(vs.LNewObj(), "ConsoleRoute", f'Input{chan + 1}')


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Check that CreateText is actually what is being returned by the LNewObj.


After createText add


AlrtDialog(Concat(LNewObj, '   ', GetTypeN(LNewObj));l


You should get large number which is the handle to the text and the GetTypeN should return 10 if it is a text block.


There are some procedures that do create objects but do not properly update LNewObj.


If you are not getting the correct text block with LNewObj, search the forum for the Waldo Method.


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This seems to work for me.  I use the Date(2,2) to get a unique symbol name on each run.






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