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Found 3 results

  1. Here it goes- I know that both Landru & Projection Viz plug-ins cover a lot of this, but not all. And there are hacky ways to achieve a lot of this stuff, but nothing as simple as the other tools that VW Spotlight has. I would love to speak with the VW development team to help get this stuff going. VW would be the #1 tool for projection design and engineering if they were able to achieve even half of these requests. There are other apps that can achieve some of this, but nothing close to all of it. Library that rivals the lighting library, which would mean: Many more projectors Many more lenses Tool: The big one for me is the ability to focus on surfaces, not limited to screens. Many projection and video designs don't use screens. Right now the tool caters to trade show executions / simple design. Currently, the work around is that you can project on to any surface with Josh's excellent Projection Viz tool - but the focus point has to be behind the object which is great for previz but not accurate for engineering purposes (you can double up and achieve this with class visibility). Obstructions. If something is in front of a projector, shouldn't the image be clipped? Projector beams. Because: Fog etc. And projection surfaces emitting light! Projector focus points! This would be amazing. Just like the lighting focus points, it would angle the projector to match the target focus point. Accurate projection shift (set limits based on projector + projector lens combination). Projectors at odd angles to fit in the nook and crannies that are in real world situations. Projectors on other types of hang points. Right now you can hack this to make it happen (just using a projector symbol and not the plugin object). But: attaching a projector to a truss or a ceiling? The plug in should be able to handle that. Lumens studies. 2D and 3D class options for beam, projector, projected image. True representations of pixel math, aspect, and resolution. Simpler portrait mode (or any other angle other than straight on) Projector arrays! As in: pick a target surface and a dialog comes up with the ability for an AxB array with C% blending. Similar to the roof tool, you can pick an array configuration, and the desired blend and single projector height, and it will give you the overall image size OR, you pick the total surface area and a single projector width and it will give you the projector count and the blend percentage. Fairly simple stuff... Raster calculation. An array of projectors creates a multi-screen image. What's the total raster image in pixels? Linking Projector Symbols to Projector Lenses - ideally the plugin object would allow you to select lenses that are available for that projector. Much like the lighting tools and gobo options, lens options, shutters, etc. New lenses come out all the time so having the ability to add new lenses on your own. Ability to use Spotlight Numbering / Label Legends on Projectors. Show things like: PRJ number, lumens, lens type, signal type, signal source (media server ID) etc. I'm doing all of that manually and it's maddening when I've seen what Label Legends and Numbering can do for lighting. Basic geometry correction (I.e., corner-pinning within the projected image). I'd rather have spout / syphon capabilities but this would help in the interim as well. Complex geometry correction (grids + pins). Ditto re: spout / syphon. Spout / Syphon per projector would be killer. This would mean the ability to show animated / video content on any projected surface or traditional LED screen. Would also allow you test more complex projection mapping techniques: complex geometry, corner pinning, bezier mesh, masking. The capabilities are endless when Spout / Syphon are in the mix. Being able to hook Vectorworks up to MadMapper, Isadora, TouchDesigner, QLab for previz would change the game. There are previz tools out there but they are not engineering tools. An engineering tool that can also show previz - a dream come true. If Vectorworks is the go to for previz for lighting design, they would own the market if they could do it for video design as well. This can be achieved (partially) using Vision and NDI streams but because the functionality is super limited it's not very helpful unless you are using traditional screens. Obviously, supporting this would have a whole bunch of implications for system requirements, but video nerds out there can help you figure it out 🙂 More to come.
  2. Is anyone else having issues with Hoist Number adding by one and starting from random numbers, even though it is assigned a starting number.
  3. Hello! I'm having trouble using the new spotlight numbering tool in VW 2019. I can't seem to get fixtures to take the channel info. I've attached a video of the problem. Any ideas? Rx VWX Problem.mov
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