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Found 6 results

  1. I'd like to know if it's possible (and if not, add to Wishlist) to dynamically rotate text to align with the current view. For example: If working in Rotated Top/Plan view, I'd like certain text labels to automatically rotate to 0° based on the current view. In practice, I'm working on plans that are geographically referenced, and while working and presenting, it makes sense to rotate it away from north being at the top, because the site layout is "gridded" at a different angle. It means that all my text labels are constantly having to be adjusted as I move though different angles of Rotated Top/Plan view. It would also be useful to have the same feature within viewports for the same reason. Perhaps an option in the object info pallet to choose the rotation either being world based or screen based? Also, perhaps this extends beyond just simple text labels and applies to data tags & symbols too?
  2. This is to keep a list of impediments to working with building models in real-world orientation and elevation. One, to assess whether we keep working in this way, and two, to use it to create/keep track of related enhancement requests and/or bug reports. Working totally in rotated view, with building model placed at real-world orientation to North (and real-world elevation), is my preferred way of working because it means that once your files are initially set up there is no rotation or changing of z-height of anything copied and pasted or referenced across files (e.g. site mode file vs building model file). Elevation Benchmarks also work without needing to add offset figures. This reduces chances of errors, saves time for those working on the project, and is a more intuitive way of working (in terms of thinking about the building model). There are, however, a few impediments: Does it make it more difficult for other consultants using AutoCAD and Revit for example? I don't know. Somebody want to comment on this? Jeff seemed to think so. The cmd/ctrl-5 short-cut unrotates the view. (fix coming in 29.0.4) Editing a site modifier polyline unrotates the view. Editing a Space object boundary unrotates view. Fixed at some point, not sure when. Interior Elevations are spread far and wide beyond page boundaries when generated from a rotated view. Primary views (left, right, front, back) ignore rotation. This is resolved by Working Plane Views mode. Can’t use numeric keypad for front side views when editing 3D symbols 2D components. Putting this here temporarily. I need to retest this one using Working Plane Views mode. Working with building models at real-world elevation can cause issues with Working Planes, in that objects can end up being drawn at z=0 instead of at the height of your building model. Feel free to elaborate on this one and explain how this can/should be avoided. When you draw something in a front/side view + haven't set a working plane: then the object can end up hundreds of miles away from the internal origin with all the problems that creates i.e. it is drawn at 0 on the X or Y axis as determined by your georeferenced user origin. If there are any other problems you encounter please post them here.
  3. Help please, I am finding it impossible to insert plants onto a rotated plan and get the tags to behave. Desperate to know how to resolve this asap. This plan is rotated -134. The tag text is upside down, whichever way i rotate it. I have tried inserting plants to an unrotated view, but as soon as I rotate to a view that would work on a sheet layer... upside down and all over the place.
  4. What am I doing wrong here? The easting/northing coordinates of this Stake object don't match the x/y coordinates in the OIP. The coordinates in the OIP are what I'm expecting to see. This is also the Internal Origin. But there's an offset of figures that I don't recognise: X 35173.833 Y 18765.589 I thought maybe because I'm using rotated view. But going back to zero degrees doesn't resolve it. If I change the stake object label reference to "Coordinate Point (XY)" (in metres) it reports the correct figures. test_file_v2022.vwx test_file_v2023.vwx
  5. Hey again, I appreciate you all so much while I navigate this program for a pretty major undertaking of updating all of our drawings. So this time, not a seating problem. This time, on this one drawing, my plans are showing up rotated, but I don't remember if or when I rotated them? Is there a way to fix that that permanently changes the rotation and doesn't give you the option to look at Top/Plan or Rotated Top/Plan? I have attached an image as well that shows what I'm looking at. I put the PDF I'm working off of into another drawing just to see if it kept the rotation, and it did. Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. 99% of the time I work in rotated plan, placing plants directly on the design layer (I know it's possible to place them on sheet layers and avoid rotation-based issues, but I explicitly don't want to do this). Problems are 2: 1) Plants disappear when placed. They can (usually) be brought back by toggling "unified view", though weirdly it doesn't matter whether it's toggled to off or to on. Presumably this has to do with the working plane in rotated plan, but I can't figure out what the problem is or how to fix it. 2) The rotation of the plants themselves (in the OIP) are at the plan rotation, not 0, which creates havoc with the plant tags. Screenshot shows "disappeared" Osmanthus symbol. If I toggle Unified View OFF it reappears!!! I can deal with the second problem by realigning tags and leaders (somewhat arduous), but the first problem is now close to intolerable. Plant tool has _always_ been a nightmare, but I've now realised how ridiculous it is that with big jobs it's actually now quicker to work by hand, which shouldn't be the case. Can anybody help? -------------------- Windows 10 VW2016
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