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Found 9 results

  1. I have created a viewport but my drawing title/number is missing. It is shown in the OIP but not on my sheet layer? Also all my classes are turned on and my drawing title is visible on section viewports
  2. As you can see the walls have separated and I can't render them with any texture although the wall on the right is fine? The walls look fine in top plan. Can someone please help? Thank you
  3. so i spent some time today building dialog boxes to learn how they work and I'm actually having some fun with it. is it possible to update other fields based on a vs.CreateEditText() field? id like to be able to type something in there and then it update a static text field somewhere else in the dialog box. preferably in real time... i see theres a vs.NotifyPullDownClicked(), which means theres some sort of functionality like that already. also is there a way to set a statictext field ALL THE WAY to the right side of the dialog box? basically above the OK button.
  4. TLDR: i looking for a way to use vs.SetRField() on a selected PIO (in this case a stage deck) and have it refresh itself before continuing the script. i'm working on a plugin that takes objects, converts them to 3dpolys, and bounces out their points to a file. I'm trying to cut down on the amount of points by simplifying the objects as much as possible before converting... lets say i have a "Stage Deck" object and i want to change its "Structure" field from "Legs-Basic" to "Simple" which really cuts down on its poly count. but when i try to use vs.SetRField() to change that field it doesn't seem to refresh the geometry... after the script runs you can see that the field was changed but the geometry is still the same. i've tried the slu of resets and refresh commands and none of them seem to be helping. ive also tried changing the settings and then duplicating the object with vs.Duplicate() but vs.LNewObj() doesn't seem to be working with that.
  5. hey y'all, i need to go though a bunch of symbols and attach a record and fill out the fields and I'm trying to automate that... ive got a way to do it for symbols i have inserted into a drawing but i need to find a way to do it to the symbols that live in the resource browser. is there a way to attach or update a record for a symbol in the resource browser? EDIT: i kinda shifted directions half way though this... this topic is really about how to return all the lighting devices in the resource browser.
  6. hey guys, working on a plugin that replaces various objects with solids so i can send them to another program. I'm running into an issue with mirrored objects. when i create my solid and then rotate it into place using vs.RotatePoint() the object goes the wrong way because its mirrored. is there a way to undo mirroring or to know if an objet has been mirrored so i can deal with it per object.
  7. hey yall, so I'm getting VW2022 up and running and migrating my plugins over. i have one plugin thats giving me an error. Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1 in <module> ValueErroe: bad marshal data (unknown type code) now the weird thing is i only get this error after encrypting it... it works great before encrypting it.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm not sure if General Discussion is the place for this, but really it's not an issue or anything, just something I was curious about. Is there a way to edit multiple label legends at once? I'm trying to make them consistent across the board, but it can be tedious to go through each one individually, especially when I'm pretty much only concerned with changing text and container sizes. Thanks all! You're the best.
  9. Is it possible to patch single channel fixtures in Vision? I am trying to patch ETC Source 4 lekos and some single channel house lights for a venue we are doing some pre-programming for in the next week. Technically the lekos on-site are controlled by an ETC Sensor 3 dimming system, same with the house lights, not that it should matter for Vision / Vectorworks. How can I overcome my programming problem with these fixtures? Thanks!
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