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Found 5 results

  1. I find myself regularly looking for better and smarter rich text in Vectorworks. As of 2022, you still cannot have rich bullets or rich formatting with the text tool (among other flaws). I'm collecting as many rich text requests and wishlist items as possible here. There are a lot of individual requests for this stuff but it's part of a greater whole indicating how badly the way text functions in VWX needs an overhaul. If you read any of my stuff on the forums, it's clear I come from the creative suite world where there are much much better tools for this. But hey! Even this forum has better text capabilities 🤪 Places where we want to see rich text and better formatting options: Text tool Callouts Project data and sheet data Records Anywhere else? Here's me asking about rich text in callouts: Here's someone else asking about rich text in callouts: Here's another person asking about the same thing: And another: Here's me asking about rich text in sheet data, which also talks about lack of rich text using the text tool. Here's someone asking about better formatting options in 2016: Here's someone asking for Bullets in 2016: Here's someone else asking for them in 2013: And in 2012: Here's a really comprehensive request for rich text tools and formatting in 2011: There's a lot of good stuff in there in addition to formatting stuff. Good to read it through. And here it is again in 2010:
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm having an issue with the add list node. If I create a list with the ordered list node and run it in, everything works well, but if I extract that information from a worksheet and run it into the node the result is 0 items. I've tried formatting the data as different number types (dimension, general, decimal) but same result. Anyone come across this before? Thanks! -Chris AddList_Debug.vwx AddList_Debug.vwx
  3. Hello! I have a question: Is it possible to "graft" objects in Marionette, like it is possible in Grasshopper? Example: There is a list of 5 curves. I want to divide each curve into 10 equal segments, but at the same time, keep each division as separate list. The desired output - list of 5 lists, containing 10 elements each. I tried to solve this using e.g. Mix and Chunk List nodes, but it gives strange output. Bonus question. Is there any kind of documentation explaining what nodes outputs mean: e.g. "Vectorworks Handle type: 111"? example001.vwx
  4. Hello, I'm looking for some hits how to solve the following problem. I want to create a script that converts base curve (any Nurbs in 3D, green curve in the picture) into zigzag line around it, but on the same plane (red curve in the picture). I thought it might work in following steps: Base curve (green) -> Offest on both side -> divide curves into same number of points -> sorting points -> creating nurbs Curve based on sorted list But this fails on sorting step. I had other idea, using vectors: base curve (green) -> points on curve -> Perpendicular Vectors from these points -> every 2nd Vector turn -180deg -> move point along vectors in both directions -> creating nurbs Curve based on moved points But I don't know how to create adequate Vectors in 3D. I will most grateful for any help/hints how to solve this.
  5. Hello! I have question. How can I connect n-th element from different lists? The situation looks like this: there are two circles and equal numbers of points on them. I want to connect points of the same index on both curves (the 1st on one curve, and the 1st on the 2nd one, then pair of 2nds points on each curve, then 3rd and so on). I know that there is a way to do this manually (List Explode node), but how can I do it in more parametric way e.g. if I do not want to specify the exact number of points on curves, or I simply do not know how many of them are needed. Connecting Nth element.vwx
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