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Found 3 results

  1. Dear VW friends, I have been trying and failing at creating extruded text along a Helix Spiral, the text always seems to skew out and leave the path. I tried playing around with the rotation around path but it's still turning out wonky... My goal is to have the text extrude flat along the path so that it can placed on the outside of a cilinder. I feel its because the path is rotating around itself slightly but can't figure out how to avoid this problem any thoughts? I kept at it and I think I found a work around that gave me the result I needed.... The result is visually correct but it's hard to get it done in exact dimensions, so it took me 4 tries to get it close to the size I needed... So maybe there is still a better way to approach this but I did it as follows: 1. In top view I created a line (path) at an angle (the angle that worked for me was 7.5 degrees) 2. I used the text along path tool to extrude the text along the line (scaling height and width to match the length of the path) 3. Using a 3d locus I marked the center of the "text along path" object 4. In front view I then used the Deform tool to bend to object into a helix spiral using the 3D locus as starting point ( deforming 270 degrees was about the right amount for me) I will post images of my process below... I still think it should be possible using the 'text along path" tool directly with a helix spiral path but just couldn't figure it out... Thank you for your help! p.s. I posted this earlier in the general forum not realizing it should probably have been here in the modeling thread.
  2. Hi. I've got a head scratcher: I have a laser scan of an existing stair rail, and I want to model closely what is there, so a new rail cap can be fabricated to fit. I can easily trace the edges of the wall in plan view, but when it comes to creating the sweep, I'm stuck. The highlighted object is a nurbs curve, which is reasonably close to the top edge of the existing wall, but doesn't follow the surface of the extrude, as it was drawn separately. The round wall tool works, sort of. If one were able to convert a polyline into a round wall object, then I could probably use the sweep degree to get reasonably close, but because the existing wall was handmade, it will never be exact. I'm imagining there is a way to project the nurbs curve onto the solid to trim it, but I'm not familiar enough with these operations to figure it out. If anyone can point me towards a tool or a technique for this type of geometry, I would appreciate it immensely!
  3. If I make a helix from a 1/4"w x 12" h rectangle ( 36"d x 96" tall in a single rotation) is there a way to flatten that out to make a cut file for CNC to cut 1/4" aluminum? 228_R05.02 Renderings_7-13-17.pdf
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