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  1. mgebel

    What's the best way to set parametric values?

    It may be naive of me to think this, but it seems like introducing a type of global variable for holding various common dimensions would be a super great feature for Vectorworks. Such a variable could be managed within the Organization dialog, similar to the way Levels work. For example, a variable "Panel Thickness" containing the dimension "3/4" might be used in any field within the the object info palette that accepts dimensions, such that panel thicknesses, reveal sizes, spacing, etc, might be changed universally in the project simply by updating the single variable. I had the impression that Levels would partly serve this purpose, but It's been frustrating to discover that one cannot bind any arbitrary dimension to a given Level.
  2. Hi. I'm very new to VW, and I'm trying to solve a simple problem. I created a polyline profile that I would like to use as a fluting detail for a wall panel. This will require making a custom tool (router or shaper bit), which I will need to have fabricated. I would like to send the fabricator a simple 2D DXF that they can plug directly into their CAD software for fabrication. I have already tried exporting several different ways, but I'm not convinced that I'm getting it right, and I'm not finding any resources that speak to this topic. My question is simple: what steps should I take and what settings should use to ensure the highest fidelity of the part? I want the curves to be represented as true curves, not facets. What I'm having trouble understanding is the extent to which the rendering or smoothing (onscreen visualization of complex curves) are translated into a usable CNC file format. Thanks! fluted cabinet detail.vwx


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