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  1. Thanks Keith I have the tag and the symbol in different classes and can turn off the tags without turning off the symbol bu tnot the other way around! I imagine VW couldn't foresee someone wanting to tag something that wasn't displayed!
  2. I've created my plant tags on a separate layer to the plant symbols in the hope that I can display the tags without having the symbol displayed. I've only drawn the symbols to get quantities but the drawing is too cluttered with them visible. Unfortunately, if I turn off the layer with the symbols on the tags disappear even though they are on a separate one! Any suggestions?
  3. alchemilla - you are a life saver! It's always the really obvious thing that I miss. Yes I was using the 2D reshape tool not 2D select - I've never even noticed that its called 2D select even though I use it continuously. Argh - I wasted hours yesterday trying to sort this out! Thanks for your help. Dai
  4. did anyone get any further with this? I don't have the control handles on the tag, just around the polygon of the planting bed. Using the '2nd tool mode' just fillets the polygon. Help, deadline tomorrow!!!!!
  5. I'm having exactly this problem! Did you find out how to deal with it? Thanks
  6. Hmmm... Have now got tags all the right size etc etc but still can't get the 2D reshape tool to move it around. Looked up Dynamic rescaling on the help menu and can't find anything. Am I missing something obvious?
  7. Brilliant! Thank You. I think some more training in Landmark may well be on the cards, Dai
  8. Thanks Keith, Gilly asked this question on my behalf before I signed up to the forum! The problem I'm having is that I am creating a planting plan for a large scheme which will then be broken across several sheets at various scales. I want the tag to display/print at 12pt on the sheets but this means that on the design layer view (drawn at 1:1) the text is tiny - even putting the font size up to 200pt makes little difference and I assume it would make the sheet views a problem! If anyone has any further suggestions I'd be grateful. The other thing I'm struggling with is getting the tag to the right location. I'm only offered right or left when I define the plant - what I need is to be able to drag them to an appropriate position. You may guess that this is my first planting plan with VW!!! Thanks Dai
  9. Can anybody help? Is it possible to import Helios/NPS plant data into vectorworks to replace the standard plant database? Thanks Dai
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