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  1. 2 hours ago, Paul S. Morrill said:

    I have a drawing with multiple LED Walls  can I create a quick way to label them in a drawing

    Basically pull the info from OIB?


    pixel count


    module count



    The Landru Design version of that tool tracks everything you list, plus a few other things.  This version will also let you display everything except manufacturer (unless you use the Note field) in text blocks embedded in the given PIO instance.  See the link in my sig for more info.


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  2. 4 hours ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

    In 2021 you can actually use the Current Plot Date field of the title block border which automatically updates on publish. I think that this should get the job done without the usage of any scripting.


    Actually, I don't necessarily want this automated.  I'd like to be able to control when this field (and, possibly, others) gets written/updated.


  3. On 4/21/2017 at 4:32 PM, Pat Stanford said:
    Procedure UpdateS_Date;
    	SetRField(FSActLayer,'Custom Titleblock Record','S_Date',Date(2,0));

    Try this out and let me know what else you would like it to do.


    What is the current syntax for using VS to write to fields in the newer (2021) format TB data format?

  4. 3 hours ago, STA said:

    our company has some custom made speaker stands, which we would love to use with the speaker tool.

    Is there a way to incorporate them, so I can choose them from the dropdown?


    At-present, no,  The tool only uses the stands it creates on-the-fly.

  5. We are happy to announce that all of our tools have been updated to make them Vectorworks 2022®-compatible!


    In addition to the usual on-going refinement, you might also notice minor additions and tweaks like "Vendor" and "Cost" fields, hardware Texture control for SoftGoods 2, and 3D Text Blocks for the Staging ToolSet tools.


    All of the tools will work in any "flavor" of Vectorworks 2018-2022.


    If you're a current user, you should have received upgrade details in the last few days. If you'd like more info, please visit https://www.landrudesign.com/VWPlugIns.htm


    Happy Vectorworking!

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  6. On 8/6/2021 at 7:49 AM, Ben59 said:

    hello thanks for answer !

    Are talking about "classes part" at the bottom of the OIP and int the configuration tool ?
    if so, it only works for part of the plugins... 

    It will be nice if that menu's option will be in the configaration menu and by the way OIP


    Yes, that is what I meant.


    Sorry, the functionality you're wanting isn't part of the mix at this time...


  7. Antoine -


    If you look at the "__ATS-SpkrModData" or "__ATS-SpkrModData" Record you'll likely find that the different dimension fields (Width, Depth, Thick, etc.) are using the incorrect units.  First, make sure that they are TEXT fields (NOT Dimension).  Second, make sure that the values they contain include appropriate units markers (mm, cm, ", etc.).  If you check and fix those fields and values and then open and close the Config dialog, things should right themselves.


    I hope this helps.

  8. You likely have something in your file named "5" - could be just about anything.  If you can identify and rename that item, you should be able to use "5" as a Focus Point name.  In your case, it was a Working Plane.


    I've attached a file containing a Script that can help you fix such things down-the-road.



  9. 3 minutes ago, michaelk said:

    Is it possible to define a control point in a plug in but not have the handle visible until it is needed?


    Yes.  Use SetCntrlPtVis (something along the lines of "SetCntrlPtVis(ghParm,1,FALSE)").


  10. Are you running VW 2021?  Is your Workspace from a previous version?  If so, use the Workspace Editor to remove the tool that is there now and add the new one that shows up in the left-hand pane.


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  11. 1 hour ago, trashcan said:


    Focus tolerances, no.  Optimal viewing area/zone, yes.


    1 hour ago, trashcan said:

    wondering if there's been an update to your tool to allow for Vertical blends as well as Horizontal.


    At-present, still only horizontal blends.  Sorry...


    1 hour ago, trashcan said:

    I am also wondering if VS4 allows for variable projector positioning? Also curious if there are some updated tutorials for the tool (that show you the curved video wall feature, for example)? 


    Yes, projectors for a given "blend family" can be independently-positioned.


    1 hour ago, trashcan said:

    Also curious if there are some updated tutorials for the tool (that show you the curved video wall feature, for example)? 


    While our documentation has been updated recently, I'm not sure that you would call it a "tutorial."  And, admittedly, it has been a while since I've done one of those.



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  12. On 10/15/2020 at 6:12 PM, A.D.K. said:

    My main ask: side hangable projectors.  I need my calcs to be for 10:16, not 16:10! I can't see how to do this, and it's a thing we do a lot.


    Sorry; just seeing this thread...


    If the projector Symbol name includes the text "-Side" the tools know that that projector has a portrait orientation.  The projector aspect parameter is then enabled, allowing you to spec. that.


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  13. 4 hours ago, Mark Aceto said:

    I like the "+30" because that's the only text field I'll add vs Dimensioning. That said, I only use it in Plan view.


    I would think ramps and steps don't need labeling in 3D because the slope indicates direction up/down, and the heights at top/bottom are already labeled, so it would just create visual clutter.


    Look at all of the potential text items that could be displayed - beyond arrows and their labels.  While I, personally, might not use them in 3D, I can definitely see others' valuing that.


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