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  1. Thanks for the great tip. When trying this in 2011, I had to also make sure that Auto-Align Planar Mapping was unchecked.
  2. I've also noticed that the Label Legend Manager is not acting right. I just upgraded to SP2, and haven't fixed the issue. Whenever I try to modify a label legend's layout, I get a message box that says "A VectorScript error has occurred, please refer to the file "error output" for a further explanation" When I click on the error output button, it says "Error: _1814 _2 - Index outside array limits." and I can't edit the layout. . . Even when I add fields, and click done, I get the same error message. When I try and edit the layout in the resource browser, the fields aren't added. I have changed the name of the user fields in the lighting devices, and am attempting to put those on the label legend, but haven't had issues with them in other places.
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