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  1. According to Dan Rathbun over at http://forums.sketchucation.com/viewtopic.php?f=180&t=24706 , " Sketchup 7.1+ has built-in Import directly from .kmz and .dae (Collada) " ... so if only we could get VW to export a .kmz instead of a .kml we'd be there ... concerning the curved surfaces ... yes, its usually ok though and one can of course increase this default. and concerning the pencil ... also yes, but it can be painful if there is too much to do ...
  2. Greetings. For some time now it has been very easy to get SU geometry into VW. How about going the other way? For some reason there has been extensive development for getting things into VW but not out. For our office, the decision to move to full BIM under VW will depend on easily getting the geometry out in a clean way for more professional renderings (via Maxwell from SU). There have been some posts about this problem in the past but it is hard to have any overview on the problem. I'd love to hear others experiences and advice on how to approach this issue. For us, at the moment: - .3ds is a catastrophe, lots of triangulation; - .dxf/.dwg is not dependable, (many faces are missing, etc.) What to do? Any and all thoughts much appreciated. Note I will post on this topic as well at sketchucation and at pushpullbar. best to all, thinkbuild
  3. To Pat: Thanks so much! It worked beautifully. I am very pleased. Now I have to find a way to format the worksheet, etc., but I should be able to figure that out. I was also able to copy an exact number of cells to the worksheet as you listed in your previous post on this thread. I'm still exploring workflows, ie., in and out of VW to a spreadsheet; if I come up with something which might be of interest to others I'll be sure to report back. Here's another question: Can I import (replace!) an entire worksheet? Or better, "link" it - like with InDesign, when a referenced image is updated in Photoshop - then the image is automagically updated? That would be cool... To Islandmon: Yes, I was thinking about that - but honestly, I have no idea how to do it. I couldn't figure out how to get the callouts into a file that automator would access and process....if you would like to share details (step by step?) of your idea that would be nice. As I said, I am still exploring workflows ... Thanks to everyone for interest and help. Jason thinkbuild
  4. Dear Pat - Great to hear from you, and thanks for taking the time to look at this issue. Concerning your post: Yes, I thought I was on the wrong track. But, honestly, I never worked with Worksheets before now. I tried to make one following your tips and the instructions listed in the help files, but I think I need to know a few more basic things to get it running. For example, what is the key to get the worksheet to "run" - ie., search through the drawing file and gather all the callouts? I couldn't get that going. And, I wasn't able to smoothly fit your tips into a working worksheet - This much was OK - I could find the place to make that happen, but then I was confused. Does this all happen in one cell? Or just the first column of a cell row? ... ?? This part seems really easy and sensible. I understand what this is doing but again, couldn't see how/where to tell it to do this. I think this will work too but I havent gotten there yet to test it...hmmm.. Pat - do you think you could post a few more tips and/or list a link here that would give me some more basic knowledge about how to get worksheets "going"? Or - in an ideal world - I'd really love it if you could make a little example file of a worksheet that does this. Then I could study it and modify/explore it. But I don't want to be pushy ... Please advise what you think the best step would be for me here. Looking forward to hearing back. Jason PS I imagine I should be reading the "Spread Sheet Reports" post also ... Maybe that would help, but I think I have other issues, not really about making a calculation tool ? Or am I wrong ? Dear Miguel - The idea is not to use this system to edit the callout text, but instead to export the callout text to another program - a regular spreadsheet - which I will then use as the basic "foundation" of the legal description (Leistungsverzeichnis in German) for the project. This creates a more efficient workflow, one in which I must enter critical details only once. If I can get it to work well, then I will also be certain not to miss all these details in the legal description part of the project ... Hope that's clear now... Jason
  5. Greetings everyone. Callouts have become an important part of my workflow. I have been using them to make very detailed notes which are a part of the *legal* description of the project. Is it possible to export them - all of the callouts - into a CSV or other worksheet which can then be edited outside VW? I have tried with the "report" tool but have had no luck. I dont care if the edges are rounded, etc., or how long the shoulder is - all that matters is: 1. the sheetlayer that the callout is on; 2. the text INSIDE the callout Questions: A. How can I export this to a spreadsheet? B. I would like to use the Active Database - Callout.txt - with my own modifications of course - but I can't figure out how to save the database as a .txt file (it only saves as a .xml file) and, when I make any changes, it will no longer let me re-import. Why? And, if I have to work with an .xml file, what software would be good to do so (on a Mac) which will leave the file in a format that Vectorworks will happily re-import and place in my existing callout boxes? C. Is there a path available : VW Callout > Create Report (insert magic parameters here please!) > Worksheet > Export worksheet > edit in Office, iWork, etc. > Import Worksheet > back to Callouts...? That would be amazing. Or any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. Please advise. Thanks very much! Jason (thinkbuild) Technical Note: I am using VW 2008 / MAC, OS 10.5.8 (No upgrade planned in the immediate future...) Also, when I double click on the callout, I get the "Notes Manager: Callout" Box - ie., they are "Database Notes" - active database for now is simply Callout.txt
  6. Dear brudgers, Thanks so much! I agree, it is not in the least bit intuitive. Perhaps this menu item should be called: "Change/Remove Reference" or something, which gives a bit of a hint of the dialog box hidden behind it.... But, it works! best and thanks to you,
  7. Greetings all. I've got an image which I put in the drawing via absolute path reference. I'd like to put it "inside" the file now, because I keep moving the file around, etc. Is there a way to put it "inside" the drawing? Or do I have to delete, re-import (not as reference) and replace it? Looking forward to your answer(s).
  8. to sig_eigei thanks! that tip works for me, i duplicated the app, trashed it, restarted the machine and suddenly os X "found" the quicklook plugin. ...
  9. just a quick note, this also worked for me after problems with SP3 - ie., the copy/delete original/rename copy/restart machine ... thanks to all for your tips!
  10. I have this problem too. I will try to submit a bug ... http://www.nemetschek.net/support/bugsubmit.php
  11. Ciao Paolo, I recently purchased this: http://www.vectorbits.com/VectorBits/donationware/Entradas/2008/1/8_Purge_Polygons.html and it is AWESOME, probably exactly what you are looking for. good luck
  12. My SP3 nightmare by thinkbuild I know this is now a bit off topic, but as a second theme running through this thread I have been cataloging my experiences with SP3. This morning, first arrival in the office, I spent well over an hour backing up, then erasing VW, then re-installing, then re-upgrading with my precious SP2 CD backup. My intention is to return to the promised land of SP2. And then, twice (!) it put me back in SP3 land. The first time, I thought I had made a mistake, so I went through the whole thing AGAIN. After it happened a second time - really really painful - I checked the board. I have to say, I am at this moment hugely disappointed. I rarely want to complain, but hey, I followed direct advise as listed on this board by a tech moderator. I know things move quickly, I agree they must, but I don't think it is fair to give advise which is wrong (6/03/08 10:11 AM), then correct it (06/03/08 02:40 PM), then change it AGAIN just over 24 hours later. (06/04/08 05:52 PM). Frankly, this sucks. And SP3 continues to be unstable, the move bug is so strange. I really wish that I had been sent a PM or email right away when the information changed, then I wouldn't have lost a good hour and a half this morning. jkelly, I also sent you a message on this directly! Certainly I am concerned about this! Please, post, once and for all, a way to get back to SP2. As a suggestion, I also would appreciate it if, during the install/update process, there was a simple check box: upgrade to SP2? upgrade to SP3? etc. Then we are given back control and not carried along for a ride. OK enough rant. I have to say though, I really like VW. And I deeply appreciate Paul's attention on this form. I think this is just a (speed) bump.
  13. Dear Ionw That's GREAT. I was looking for exactly this. BUT I have no idea, absolutely zero, about how to to this - where do I type this PHP stuff? Can you give me some advise on this, or maybe another link which will tell me how to do it? I have been using the free vectorbits plugin which does exactly this, but it still doesn't give me a way to put it on a menu. Looking forward to hearing back. best from Berlin, Jason
  14. Greetings Ray. Yes, I ran the disk utilities, repair permissions, etc. using TinkerTool System. It seems everything else is running fine on my machine. I think you are right though, which is why, I am thinking just to leave the system for a day or two, just draw some more and be sure to make lots of backups. But, the option-move thing not working is a real bummer for my workflow and also, the screen redraw thing is not so nice. But maybe it will settle down... In any case, I have no choice beyond a full install, which I would like to avoid....
  15. Greetings all. As suggested by jkelly, I attempted to re-apply (downgrade) to SP2. I used the "UpdateToVW2008SP2R3" which I had kept a back up of. It worked for some time, then, reported, "No Update Needed..." Unfortunately, I didn't get a screenshot. So, I am still in SP3 which, as I said, feels much more instable to me than SP2R3 did. Oh well. jkelly - can you PM me a link to another file which might be able to downgrade me? That would be great. best to all.
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