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  1. Hi monkey, how do you import them? My VW2009 doesn't recognize the iTIFF extension.
  2. Has anyone worked with geo-referenced images. I have files in iTIFF format or regular TIFF with TFW files. Can I load these in VectorWorks?
  3. Yes, decomposing helps. But it's very slow, especially when you're trying to extrude hundreds of polylines. It's frustrating. Michael, thanks for you help!
  4. Michael, thanks for the idea. Just tried your suggestion. There was one extra vertex in the polyline. I deleted it but that didn't solve the issue. I still couldn't extrude it. And what about the rectangle at the top right? If you decompose it's four lines.
  5. I'm attaching a file. The green objects extrude fine, the others don't. (At least on my machine) I've included a -Polyline -Polygon -Rectangle that all don't extrude.
  6. I'm completely stumped. I'm constantly getting "self-intersecting geometry" errors when trying to extrude 2D objects. This includes: -polylines -2D polylines created with the "bucket" mode -imported 2D geometries -rotated rectangles Anyone have an idea? This is really slowing my work flow down.
  7. Problem solved: I was drawing in the "constrained single line" mode.
  8. I have the following issue. I have turned off the "constrain angle" snap but when I try to draw, the angle is still constrained. VW will actually constrain the angle over snapping to an endpoint, for which the object snap is on. Is there another setting I am missing?
  9. Hi, I've imported several DWGs into VW 2009. The lines had line weight values associated with them which are interpreted correctly. But, many of the lines are still colored in the AutoCAD typical colors. How can I print this in B&W without actually changing the line colors?
  10. I'm trying to import a DWG file referencing multiple files. When I import the individual referenced files it works fine. When I try to import the master file referencing the others, VW crashes. I have already replaced the 2009 DXF/DWG import library (libDWGdirectAd.dylib).
  11. Does anyone have experience with this: How do you use the stair tool to design winding treads per IBC 1009.3 The IBC requires min. 6 in. tread depth at a winder (R-3). The standard winder in VW tapers winder treads to 0 in.
  12. How do I resolve this? I'm trying to draw 2D on in a 3D view.
  13. Ah, very nice tool I haden't used before. :grin: Thanks michaelk
  14. Is there a simple way of placing rectangles along an arc, so that they are: 1. evenly spaces between the endpoints of the arch 2. rotated so that one side of the rectangles is tangent to the arc Any input is appreciated :cool:
  15. Islandmon, thanks for the link. I haven't really done any scripting myself. What would the approach for this type of script be? Would I need to select the different sheet layers and then make a routine calling up menu items, like an apple script?
  16. Is there a script that will quickly change the print setup for all sheets to predefined settings? I regularly change sheet settings from full size (either Arch D or E1) to reduced size (Tab or B). Going through several files and changing printer, paper size and scale is time consuming. Is there any way to automate this or turn it into a script.
  17. How do you turn dimension markers into dots where they intersect column center lines? Or is this old-school convention that went out of fashion with CAD?
  18. Awesome! It never even occurred to me to try that for "move by points."
  19. The "Move by Points" tool introduced in VW2008 is one of the most useful recent additions to the program. Is there a shortcut to toggling on and off retaining the original object? Clicking into the "Move by Points Preferences..." and checking or un-checking the box is cumbersome and slows down my drafting.
  20. Jim, we actually don't place any text on a design layers any more. I would recommend placing the title block directly onto the sheet layer. By doing this you can lay out the title block in actual printed dimensions and you have much better control over the text elements. We then create viewports to get the actual drawing onto the sheet layer where we have already placed have the title block. You can still use viewport annotations for dimensions, room labels and other elements that are integrally connected to the drawing. We place keynotes and section markers directly onto the sheet layer.
  21. Question 1: Use the 'Circle by 3 points' and 'Arc by 3 Points' modes. This way you don't have to find the center point of circles. Question 2: In File > Document Settings > Document Preferences... Dimensions you can un-check 'Associate Dimensions.' The dimensions will stay when you delete the original object. Or, you can draw a line, arc or circle and convert it into a dimension by selecting the line style '---xx---' in the Attributes Palette's drop-down menu. (The menu where you select line weight and dash styles.) Then play with the offset value to position the dimensions as required.
  22. Where are you storing your title block? On a design layer? We create the title block on a sheet layer and turn it into a symbol. That way you avoid using a viewport for the title block. When you rotate the symbol the text should adjust accordingly.
  23. Ray, that's actually the problem. When you hold down SHIFT VW is just as likely to snap to 'parallel' or 'perpendicular' when there are are other objects close by. When you are going fast this can lead to errors and is annoying. Most of the drawing I do still is orthogonal.
  24. Has anyone else noticed that the horizontal and vertical direction snap seems weekend in VW2009? Whenever I drag move or copy objects it is difficult to keep them within the horizontal or vertical when there are other objects in the area. Were the snap priorities changed? Also, I don't fully understand the context-zoom triggered by the 'Z" button while drawing. Sometimes it will register a mouse click in this mode, sometimes it won't. Is there a trick to it?
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