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  1. Hi monkey, how do you import them? My VW2009 doesn't recognize the iTIFF extension.
  2. Has anyone worked with geo-referenced images. I have files in iTIFF format or regular TIFF with TFW files. Can I load these in VectorWorks?
  3. Yes, decomposing helps. But it's very slow, especially when you're trying to extrude hundreds of polylines. It's frustrating. Michael, thanks for you help!
  4. Michael, thanks for the idea. Just tried your suggestion. There was one extra vertex in the polyline. I deleted it but that didn't solve the issue. I still couldn't extrude it. And what about the rectangle at the top right? If you decompose it's four lines.
  5. I'm attaching a file. The green objects extrude fine, the others don't. (At least on my machine) I've included a -Polyline -Polygon -Rectangle that all don't extrude.
  6. I'm completely stumped. I'm constantly getting "self-intersecting geometry" errors when trying to extrude 2D objects. This includes: -polylines -2D polylines created with the "bucket" mode -imported 2D geometries -rotated rectangles Anyone have an idea? This is really slowing my work flow down.
  7. Problem solved: I was drawing in the "constrained single line" mode.
  8. I have the following issue. I have turned off the "constrain angle" snap but when I try to draw, the angle is still constrained. VW will actually constrain the angle over snapping to an endpoint, for which the object snap is on. Is there another setting I am missing?
  9. Hi, I've imported several DWGs into VW 2009. The lines had line weight values associated with them which are interpreted correctly. But, many of the lines are still colored in the AutoCAD typical colors. How can I print this in B&W without actually changing the line colors?
  10. I'm trying to import a DWG file referencing multiple files. When I import the individual referenced files it works fine. When I try to import the master file referencing the others, VW crashes. I have already replaced the 2009 DXF/DWG import library (libDWGdirectAd.dylib).
  11. Does anyone have experience with this: How do you use the stair tool to design winding treads per IBC 1009.3 The IBC requires min. 6 in. tread depth at a winder (R-3). The standard winder in VW tapers winder treads to 0 in.
  12. How do I resolve this? I'm trying to draw 2D on in a 3D view.
  13. Ah, very nice tool I haden't used before. :grin: Thanks michaelk
  14. Is there a simple way of placing rectangles along an arc, so that they are: 1. evenly spaces between the endpoints of the arch 2. rotated so that one side of the rectangles is tangent to the arc Any input is appreciated :cool:
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