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  1. Yet another computer in my office is having this same issue & I haven't been able to resolve the problem. Only one computer's reinstall of VW 2008 fixed the Export DXF/DWG problem. The other 2 computers still have the problem. This is getting frustrating because it means having to move to another computer to export one or more dwg's from VW, which means a loss of productivity for the users of both computers.
  2. I can open the file with a new name, but I cannot overwrite/replace the original file by doing a "Save As..." I can save it with a new name, but I would prefer to keep the original name of the file because other files are referencing that file. I don't want to open the other 8 files and reroute the reference to the file with the new name. Furthermore, I do not want 4 files sitting on my server that can't be opened, deleted, or modified. This is what happens when I try to save over or delete the original file that thinks it's in use even though it isn't: I opened "A4.01 BUILDING SECTIONS" in a "read-only state" and tried to "Save As..." "A4.01 BUILDING SECTIONS" (the original file name). Two error messages popped up in succession: 1. "(Failure on attempt to write to file)" 2. "An error occurred while saving this file. The file is now corrupt on disk. Try saving this file to a different location. If you close this file before you successfully save it, it will be completely lost." In Finder a 4 KB file appeared with the name "A4.01 BUILDING SECTIONS." It does not open as a VectorWorks file - it is corrupt as it said it would be. If I delete the 4 KB "corrupt file" it disappears in Finder (and is not showing up as a hidden file either). After the file has been deleted, if I try to Copy & Paste a file with the name "A4.01 BUILDING SECTIONS" via Finder to the server folder, I get an error message saying I don't have permission to write the file. If I try to do a "Save As..." from Vectorworks I get another corrupt file error message. This seems to be a VectorWorks issue or compatibility issue between VW & the OS X server.
  3. Downloading the utility (and showing hidden files via Terminal) allowed me to see the DS files, etc., but there were no .lck files visible in the folder with my files (or anywhere else). I have tried everything I can think of, including changing ownership and permissions through the Terminal window as a super user. The permissions look fine, but all of the files are still giving the error message "The file is currently in a read-only state (file may be in use by another application). Do you want to open a copy of it with a new name?" even though the files are not open anywhere in the office. I will try restarting the server tonight and see if it fixes the situation.
  4. I am working on an Apple computer and we have an OS X server. There isn't a single Windows computer on the network. A) I can open the file as read-only and I have saved the files with new names. Hopefully that will be a temporary fix because other users are referencing these files and the name change breaks the references (they keep referencing the old files unless the reference is modified). Furthermore, I opened one of the files and tried a "Save As..." to overwrite the file and I got the error messages "(Failure on attempt to write to file)" followed by "An error occurred while saving this file. The file is now corrupt on disk. Try saving this file to a different location. Ifyou close this file before you successfully save it, it will be completely lost." A resulting 4 KB file took the place of the original file. I am able to delete the 4 KB file, but I cannot subsequently save a file with the same name of the file that was there. B) Ownership & permissions look like the other files on the server (ones that I can open). Just to be sure, I changed the permissions of the files as a super user from the server itself. It had no effect on the problem. C) I am not worried about losing my work - I have saved copies to my desktop & I can still open the files as Read-only "Untitled" documents. D) I will restart the server at some point and see if that helps the problem. Our entire office works off of the server all day, so I will have to wait to restart it. I have ejected the network drives from my computer multiple times and physically unplugged my computer from the network with no result. E) Since the files are stored on a server & I am the administrator of the server, I could try repairing the disk permissions of the files. What effect would this have beyond what I already did by changing file permissions to RWX for all users as a super user?
  5. None of these solutions worked. Is there a way to "super-do" a permissions command and free these files up again?
  6. My computer crashed (Finder & all apps froze) while I had 4 VW2008 drawings open. I had no choice but to restart the computer. After restarting I attempted to access my files, but am getting the message "The file is currently in a read-only state (file may be in use by another application). Do you want to open a copy of it with a new name?". I am quite sure that nobody else has the files open & after several attempts at opening the files, quitting VW2008, restarting my computers, etc. the files are still on lock-down. Will this eventually time-out? Is there a way to unlock the files? I can't move, delete, overwrite, or open my work.
  7. I am once again having this problem with a third computer in my office. I did a full reinstall on the machine and the "Export DXF/DWG..." plug-in still does not work. When I click on "Export DXF/DWG..." in the File > Export menu the VW screen blinks a little bit, but no menu pops up and there is no dwg file hiding anywhere on the computer. For the computer having the problem: iMac OSX v10.5.6, 3GHz intel core duo, 4Gb 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM, VW 2008 SP3 (build 94158). The program runs locally on the machine and we are not saving files to a server.
  8. Now the principal in my firm is having the exact same issue with his Vectorworks 2008. He clicks on the File menu, selects "Export DXF/DWG" and absolutely nothing happens. I suppose this is just an FYI that for some reason, even though his VW is newly installed, it has the same bug. I did a full reinstall on the machine that had the problem in my previous post and it seems to work fine now. VW 2008 SP3 Build 94158 MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  9. The problem is that I never get to name the file. Absolutely nothing happens when I select "Export DXF/DWG" from the file menu. It is not grayed out. It lets me click on it, then the File menu goes away and nothing happens. I looked inside the package contents, by the way, and there were no .dwg's in any of the folders.
  10. When I try to "Export DXF/DWG" (from the File menu) any file absolutely nothing happens. No window with options pops up. The screen returns to the drawing as if I had done nothing. All other types of export seem to be working fine. I tried the command from all other workspaces with the same result. I tried replacing the Plug-In (Export DXFDWG.vsm) in the Applications > Vectorworks 2008 > Plug-Ins folder with one from my neighbor's computer that works fine. It didn't help. Is there any reason this might be happening? My next move will be to try a complete reinstall of the program, but I don't want to waste an hour if it won't help. ---------------------------- VW 2008 SP3 Build 94158 iMac 2.16 GHz intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
  11. I have had this problem two separate times. The first was in a set of drawings that all started as VW2008 drawings. If a referenced drawing was last saved with a rotated view (90, 270, etc.), its referenced viewport would find a new seemingly random home (origin/location) in any file that referenced it. The viewport would continue moving/relocating in the design layer (and consequently the sheet layer as well) as you navigated through the referencing file. For example, if the viewport was originally located at (0,0) in the design layer it would be in a new location (132978.503, 283481.654) upon opening. Setting the origin back to (0,0) manually in the Obj Info palette would move it to another location (not the referencing file's origin). The second time it happened in the same way. Both times were with "save referenced cache to disk" CHECKED. Updating the reference would always cause the viewport to jump to yet another seemingly random location.
  12. Oh good. I made a movie just in case you want it in the future.
  13. iMac 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Vectorworks 2008 SP2 Build 83507 If I start a new blank document, draw 4 lines (or any object), then select them one at a time while holding down the shift key, the cursor changes quickly between several different icon shapes and appears to jump around as it nears the next object that I am trying to select. This happens even if I turn off all snaps, etc. Many people in my office have complained about the jumpy cursor issue. Tomorrow I will attempt to make a quicktime movie using the firm's digital camera, but it is not in the office at this time.
  14. It would be amazing if this was fixed on the next VW2008 update. The problem occurs when you are selecting multiple objects by holding down the shift key. As the cursor moves from object to object it changes rapidly between cursor types/icons and makes it difficult to tell which object it is pointing at. It also makes me feel like I'm about to have a seizure. It is so annoying and used so often, I wonder why this annoyance has not been addressed.
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