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  1. haha, I/m excited for the new 3D upgrades though upset that any in person training is now only in MD unless you wan to pay the $175 an hour on line...
  2. how do i place truss and electrics?
  3. how do I get my avatar from another source (ie: myspace) its already jpg'd and in the right size but it won't accept?
  4. here's another one, in DESIGNER: when you go into the ACE and want to place a specific roof, my default is a pyramid, how do you change that style?
  5. in DESIGNER, how do you "cut out or core" the center of a 3D cube? I usually draw it first with the 2D line tool then extrude to 10' high, but can't remember what come next...
  6. Hey can any MSU drafting 1/2 people shoot me the file of the title block...mine got corrupted. Still feeling a little clueless though...how do I put the floor in after I have the walls up in designer again?
  7. Curious to know if anyone has successfully been able to use VW for web design? Just thinking outside the box again...
  8. whoops! I'm a DELL user...it shouldn't be a problem right?
  9. I have to agree the books are useless but hang in there! I doubt that these guys/gals can steer us too wrong... Its my third try at learning VW-SE and I'm finally understanding with the help of these awesomely nice people.
  10. Thanks I appreciate the help. Now I think I understand. :grin:
  11. Ok, I'm pretty clueless about the school software and the student training guides don't help, so here we go again. How do I get my title block as soon as I open VW?
  12. here's another question that maybe you can field as well, what is the difference between layers, class', and view ports? I'm new to the whole CADD/VW industry...Thanks!
  13. where the heck do I get the service packs for the student edition of VW 08?
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