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  1. I am trying to import and use custom title blocks created in VW2016. However these are not showing up in Title Block Manager as an available style. The only way I can use them is by cutting and pasting from an old file to a new 2019 file. It seems that Title Blocks must in a new format under 2019. Help please.
  2. When I open any file, the tool palettes are not populated with any icons - I have to choose icon view option for these to appear. See screenshot. They can disappear again if I leave the programme window and then return to it. Annoying little bug - can I fix it?
  3. I installed Mohave last week and now VW 2016 crashes all the time with no warning. I was just happened twice after being opened for a minute or so. Is this a known bug, can it be fixed?
  4. When I open VW 2016 the basic tool palette is blank, but repopulates when I select view option.
  5. Hi Jim - have you had a chance to have a look at my problem file? I have an impatient client you wants his plans!
  6. I was working on a file yesterday all was fine. This morning I added plant lines and since then the dic is unusable with constant spinning beachball and is consuming up tp 100% CPU. I have deleted the plant lines and a stipple. No good.
  7. jeremyb

    Graphics attributes of plant symbols disappeared

    Jim Apologies delayed reply, but thanks for the info re the references that makes sense now, I had moved the file and as it was set as an absolute refence VW could not find it. Sorted.
  8. jeremyb

    Graphics attributes of plant symbols disappeared

    Jim The I/O error pops up at regular intervals when the file is open. There is a pdf file imported on to one of the layers, but I have deleted and re-imported this since I moved the main file, so it should have the right location reference, but might this cause the problem? Not sure what the different reference paths mean on import actually, absolute or otherwise, can you explain, if you have time? Thanks.
  9. jeremyb

    Graphics attributes of plant symbols disappeared

    Jim - you are a star, at least in part! The plant geometry component classes had somehow turned themselves off, when turned back on the graphics reappeared. So that's solved that one, thanks. The i/o error is still happening though. I am not using a server, the file is on my hard drive, I did move it to the desktop but, as expected, this has no effect. Any idea?
  10. I am having a nightmare trying to complete a planting plan. I am importing existing plant symbols from other files, incl from a My Resources folder. When I import and place many of these symbols they either have no visible 2d graphics (even when I try to edit these) or the graphics just disappear after a time. This icludes both colour fills and whole symbol disappearing. Mass plants option is tuned off. Am also getting an error message concerning a General Failure to open a File. This is very frustrating and I hop e someone can help me as VW is becoming unworkable - I can't afford to spend all day on one simple planting plan! - see attached screenshots.
  11. jeremyb

    Plant Database issue in VW 2016

    Thanks Jim. My hard drive failed on Friday and I think my problems with VW stemmed from this, so all seems ok now on re-installing to a new drive. Fingers crossed.
  12. According to VW Help, when editing a plant definition the Plant database should open automatically. But it doesn't with me, what opens is the Plant List window, which I don't want, and I can no longer use selected plant in Vectorworks database command, seemingly as the plant list dialogue is in the way.This seems a bit like VW 2015 behaviour again. Is there a way to get back to how this should be? Frustrating as VW 2016 was working well for two days!
  13. Update - I have uninstalled VW again incl deleting Library Preferences etc and all seem as ok now. I think that Filemaker must have got corrupted somehow.
  14. I have been running VW 2016 successfully for a couple of days but today I have been unable to open the Plant Database, receiving this error message 'vw plants.usr is damaged and cannot be opened. Use Recover commande to recover this file' -as attachment. How do I use this Recover command anyway? I have re-installed VW and when I try to access the Plant Database my whole system freezes up with spinning beach ball. Help.
  15. jeremyb

    Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite Beta

    Jim Is there any way that you can push Apple and/or Adobe on this . It is infuriating not to be able to export to pdf.


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