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  1. I need to create to Plant Lists for the same dwg.  One for Mitigation Plantings, and the other for General Landscape.  I have the plants in different classes and Layers.


    Is there a way to do this with a preformatted report or do I need to create a custom report using the specific classes and layers.



  2. I often need to work with Civil  3D import and export.  I have attached three files.  One is the orginal file from the Civil.  The second is the file imported directly into VW. The third is a file that has taken 3 hrs to get workable. 


    My client asked me to take the file and create a graphic.  I had to completely recreate the road and grading plan as their is no way for VW to read the complete grading plan.  Also, 3D symbols must be broken down. Poly line simplified considerably so VW can deal with it.



    2018-10-17 BLUE WATER-PE-2.dwg

    2018-10-16 BLUE WATER-PE-2.pdf

    Ecoplan 23b Oct.vwx

    McDonald align 23 Oct PLC.pdf

  3. To add to this - would be nice to be able to use road sections similar to autocad. (ditches, cross slopes, curb, gutter, sidewalk, side slopes)  I presently will create my own rough cross section (contour line that resembles the result I want and cut and past every 25' and modify the z component.

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  4. I need to be able to send road layouts, lot lines, pads, etc to civil engineers who use Civil 3D.  Anyone have pointers.  I find it increasingly difficult to get them my planning info.

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