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  1. Please make site model modifiers capable of having a pattern or hatch applied. Modifiers show textures in 3-d views, but apparently can't show any kind of fill in a 2-d view. That means if I make a driveway on a site, for example, I have to copy the shape from the site modifier and add it as an annotation to get any kind of fill on it. This is ridiculous. I would like to see Vectorworks scrap the entire site model altogether, and go back to the drawing board, and create a tool that can be used easily and intuitively.
  2. I have a DesignJet 800ps with similar issues. Usually it says "jobs stopped". Vectorworks has acknowledged problems with the DesignJets. HP is stumped. Anyone offer any help? On a mac here...
  3. I am also using a HP DesignJet 800PS, and have the same problem. Additionally, it will frequently tell me "jobs stopped" on the print monitor. I have spent three hours so far with HP with no luck. The whole problem started a week ago when a Vectorworks tech discovered I was using a Microspot driver (unintentionally) and recommended I download and use the HP driver. Problems ever since. The microspot driver (X-rip) caused print quality problems of its own, but at least it did print. The Vectorworks tech told me they are having problems with the DesignJet 800ps in particular. I know this doesn't help, but you are not alone.


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