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  1. I am using a p.c with windows xp
  2. I have recently upgraded from 12.5 to 2008 and am finding that I have not been able to print on my designjet 100plus. When I send the drawing to print it just sits - I have left it for hours and had no action, although the application dosen't crash. The plans are 2d with classes set to different opacity and some raster images as well. The opacity setting is the only thing I have changed from my past drawings. Anyone got any ideas Cheers
  3. Thanks for that, I will have a play today. I have created the polygons on a seperate class and turned everything else off for selection. Creating these on a seperate layer would be better - less chance of the above situation occurring.
  4. Thanks for that, the message I get is that ensuring I select a powerful cpu will provide me wit the most 'bang for buck'.
  5. I am trying to create a small site model using polyline contours as base information. I have followed the instructions to the letter (I think)but have no result. I have converted the polylinnes to polygons - in the aec pull down selected survey input>2d polys to 3d contours.- set a start elevation and interval (500mm for the small site). Now when the set elevation box comes up no contours are highlighted and the process comes to a halt. What am I missing - I have successfully created site models before in this manner.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion
  7. I am in the process of updating the computer system in my office and have had many opinions on what hardware will be best for vectorworks, I currently run landmark 12.5.2 using renderworks but will upgrade to 2008 when available. We do rendering for 3d presentations in final or artistic renderworks - takes a long time currently. Can anyone give a definitive answer on how the software uses the hardware - will I benefit from a powerful graphics card (and if so what is best) or is the ram or processer more important.
  8. when I render in final quality renderworks I get a blank screen. The model has image props, 3d symbols and renderworks background, the file is approx 16meg. The model renders fine in open gl but will not show in final quality renderworks.If I use artistic renderworks I get a black screen. Sometimes if i shut the program down and restart, the model renders in final quality renderworks but not always. This problem has occurred on 3 different machines here with no apparent consistency. I am using vectorworks 12.5.1 Pentium 4 3ghz 1.5g ram 256m radeon 9600pro windows xp
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