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  1. Thanks that worked, I must have turned it off at some stage and not realised its results.
  2. On the ATTRIBUTES PALETTE theres the FILL STYLE, the PEN STYLE, the OPACITY and the LINE STYLE. I have just reopened my file and the OPACITY option is no longer there. Why is this? I have also noticed that when I go to my classes ane edit a class the OPACITY slider is no longer there. ?????
  3. Does anybody know how to do this? With all jobs there are going to be several plans that show the same area but at a different lebel (ground floor plan and first floor plan) It doesnt make sense to me that there isnt a way to align these so that the printed copy can be perfectly aligned. So if you were to print the plans on transparent paper everything lines up.
  4. Does anyone have this problem: Every few days when I open VW08 alway palettes are in a different location than when I left them. For exmaple I have my OIP palette on my left hand side and set to quite wide, sometime when I open VW it is 50% off the screen and shrunk. It seems to happen mostly with palettes that are not floating.
  5. Yeah I use that tool often, but thought the align to grid may somehow align objects in to some form of grid, say if there were 12 objects thought objects would align to a grid of say 2x6 or 3x4.
  6. Ah ha! I was thinking the selected objects would align in several rows and columns depending on how the objects were spread over an area rather than the actual page grid.
  7. Sweet as Have noticed that it is not just row heights, it seems that borders to cells either effect the entire sheet not just the selected cell, have found a few other functions to that effect the whole sheet not just the selected cells.
  8. Whats does the "Modify > Align > Align to Grid" menu command do because it doesnt seem to align anything to any grid?
  9. I have emailed Julian he replied that only around 4 others had the same problem, perhaps if others were to email him it would be easier for him to isolate the problem.
  10. youve got my vote width by height only seems to confuse things. Not sure of the benifits
  11. Ok thanks In the new release will individual rows be able to have their height increased?
  12. If I select a row of text and adjust the row height manually, when I hover over the tick box it says "set to specify the row height of the selected cells". When I tick the box every cell in my worksheet is adjusted not just the selected cells.
  13. I have had this problem before, I found that the rectangle (crop) was in a class that I had turned off. Turning the class on in the navigator doesnt work but if you select the viewport and use the class visiblities in the OIP it should work.
  14. I also experience the same thing, have tried new files and old files and get the same thing, can take up to 10-15 seconds for OIP to popup
  15. I have the autosave feature setup so it saves the last 10 files (5min intervals). When VW does the autosave its saves a 14digit number after the file name eg(20080320114630) 2008/03/20 11:46:30. This time and date are accurate but when I hover over the file it says it was saved at 2008/03/20 19:33
  16. In an existing worksheet database if I click on the lowest cell and use the "insert row" it creates a row above the database not below. How do I create rows below a worksheet?
  17. I have experimented with these methods and have yet to find an effective way. Using the render method and making the lines as fine as possible looks fine zoomed out but printed and zoomed in the lines are still slightly fuzzy not straight and crisp as other plans are. The other method of turning a hatch into a 3D object looks great but you have to have a wall and then an object in front of it which is the 3D hatch. The whole idea of having viewports and classes is to ideally draw somehting once and have that item live so you dont have to duplicate it, any change made to an object alters through out the drawing which is great. Im finding over an over again that this is not possible. Examples are The one above obviously, not being able to use hatches for models (elevations) so you need to either draw polygons over your elevations or create another object for walls. Extrusions not being able to dash or hatch so no good in plan views because you always need to dash the outside of objects for areas above or below the viewers height. To overcome this you need to have the polygon for th extrusion and then another one for the dash and hatch. Roof Faces in plan view when you have dashed outline, joined lines appear solid so you have to create a "copy in lines" to get the desired result. Viewport Section Markers: When using a partial section marker you either have to have a line sticking right thru your plan to the extent of the section or use the line tool to draw over the section marker and then copy the line to every viewport where the section marker shows. This forum is scattered with these sorts of problems, wanting to have one object and show it different ways rather than having copies in lines etc of objects which means lots of changes when things need altering. Am I the only one thats finding this? Are these things likely to be looked at in the future?
  18. Have made a change to a couple of cells (unrelated to the wrapped text) and now the cells are wrapping, how ever as I scroll in and out of the screen the wrap changes. IE when zoomed out I can see 3 of 4 lines that are wrapped, with one roll of the mouse wheel (zoom in) I can now only see 2 of 4 wrapped lines.
  19. Yeah this problem seems to happen with every worksheet even with different files. The value in the cell is a reference to a custom field in a custom record format. There are no calculations in the worksheet, just the line <='Engineered Beams'.'Supported On'>. 'Engineered Beams' being the name of the record format and 'Supported On' being the field where I have entered a line of text.
  20. Thanks Pat your a legend... Classes completely skipped my mind. As far as option 3. goes I have already named my beams "beam 01" etc, how would I use the > and < in the criteria?
  21. I have created a record format called "beams". I have drawn 20 rectangles and assigned each to the "beams" record format. I have then named each rectangle "beam 1", "beam 2" etc etc etc I have created a worksheet and using the database option shown all 20 beams with there widths etc How would I change the criterea to show the 1st 10 beams only? I want to have 2 worksheets, one showing beams 1-10 and the other 11-20. I know in the mean time I can just create a viewport of the worksheet and use a crop to show what I want but Im sure theres a more effective way.
  22. I am having the same problem. When editing a worksheet with a cell that contains a large line of text, I have ticked the box "wrap text" and also under row height ticked "auto calc height". In the edit mode of the worksheet it appears fine with the effected rows hieght increased to suit the wrapped text. As soon as I exit the edit mode and return to the design layer with the worksheet on it the rows return to normal height, I can see that the text is remaining wrapped but its like the cell height hasnt recognised the wrapped text.
  23. In a worksheet I have some of the info contained in the cells is wider than the column width, so i have selected all cells gone in to the format cells menu > allignment > and selected "wrap text". I have then done in to the row height menu and selected "auto calc height". Great my worksheet looks fine... ...until I exit the editing area of the worksheet and return to the design layer where the worksheet is. The cells are wrapped but the cell heights are not detecting the wrapped text. How do I fix this?
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