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  1. Hi gang, I have just done a complete new clean install of Leopard on a new HD and have reinstalled Vectorworks & Renderworks, all running fine, I want to bring over all my existing preferences, especially, how I have my units, tools, constraints, windows laid out on screen etc Can someone in the know tell me what preference file and where is it that I need to copy form my old HD to my new?
  2. Ok guys - yes all objects where indeed extruded Katie. Michael, thanks for the confirmation on this issue, this is a bit of a bummer to work round as when you select all objects and then double click the texture in the OI pallet you still have to manually go in and then change orientation etc. Can you guys note this as an issue for any future fixes. Its a real slow down. BUt having said thay I appreciate all the improvements! I will have to look into the class suggestion,
  3. Hi guys can someone tell me if there is a way to do this? I want to change multiple objects in a model and change them all to one texture but it wont let me, I can only change one object at a time, so say I select a custom made window frame, ie lots of rectangles that all are ungrouped, and I then go to the render tab of object window, all options disapear? I can only see the change options with one object selected? This was not the case in version 10 which i upgraded from?
  4. I have similar issues printing on my Epson AcuLaser c 8600 purples are blue etc, I find from the mac tiger print window if I click preview before clicking print and then print from the preview window I get the colours right! Let me know if this works for you? I guess the mac pdf function running in preview sorts out some gremlins.
  5. Might I just add, this is an intermittent issue, as of yet its happening on occasion in new drawings and also in existing vw 11.1 drawings, I am running Os 10 .3.8 Unfortunatly its that bad I have to revert back to VW 11.1 for my business......
  6. I too can confirm this is happening me, and also the document preferences window will not open.
  7. Hi everyone running VW & RW 10.5.1 with Spotlight, on a G5 2ghz with 2.5 GB Ram, and when I go to cancel either a bitmap rendereing or final renderworks rendering I cant get it to cancel with either "esc" or apple & period, is anyone else getting this? Anyone know another work around?
  8. Katie, have you had a moment to look at the files I emailled yesterday?
  9. Hi there, I just upgraded from Vectorworks and Renderworks 8.5 on an old G4 500Mhz that I have been working on for the last few years to Vectorworks and Renderworks 10.5 on a G5 2Ghz, I have a massive amount of work all 3D models, of interiors and exhibits, made up of solids covered in tectures some vectorworks own and most imported .jpgs of logos etc. When I open any of my models in the new vectorworks and render them all my textures have moved and are flipped (mirrored) some of my models contain hundreds of textured solids. Is this something that is happening everyone? or is something not set correctly? Could someone from Nemetschek advise and could other users maybe let me know if they had similar problems, if so what did you do? I really hope its just a simple configuration as I'm sure you can imagine I dont have 4 years to spare redrawing and re texturing 4 years work! Cheers for beers from Ireland guys, and Happy New Year Denis
  10. CipesDesign, Thanks! I was aware of that car, and appreciate the trouble you have gone too, but putting that motor into my model would really take away from the visuals! Its not the greatest, I found some ok motors on zygote.com I might buy, will also go look in 3d cafe cheers guys thanks any one else with on to swap mail me......
  11. Happy Christmas from Ireland! I'm desperatly trying to find a european size car for use in a model I am working on, can anyone help? if so I'd be more than happy to share some models of peple and furniture in return for nice models of cars? only thing is I need this urgently! deadlines loom....come on lets all get sharing! denis@space-int.com
  12. I'd like to see some rendered visuals showing the features of Spotlight, anyone any pointers or links on where to look?
  13. Quicktime can be the root of this problem and also Ram allocation, and Video Ram. I had problems with Quicktime in the past see my posts earlier on the board, but I havean imac gathering dust in the office here and it to fails on occasion to show my finished rendering, I suspect it is a lack of ram the more I think about it. Hope this points you in a particular direction.
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