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  1. I just upgraded to 11.5 from 11 and now seem to have to edit the width and height of an object that I have extruded only in the objects shape window, as an unextruded element. I used to be able to, in plan view, change the objects 3 dimensions in the info pallet and now this does not take the dimension change....what happened? As and example, a rectangle exturded to 3" viewed in plan, I now have to double click to object to get to the shape to change the size lest the extruded dimension...(this sounds more confusing that it is) This is adding extra steps I would like to avoid each time I want ot change the size of a object. Running OSX 10.3.7
  2. TO ALL, This was one of the informative chats I have ever read. From the way to link a photo to solving the problem witht he artifacts. Thanks.
  3. I have had some success in making this work by making the items that you would be looking through, the offending wall, have no fill for the particular rendering and changing the line to a grey (don't save the file during this), export the image for later use and then revert the document back to last saved version. It gives the effect of looking through the wall.
  4. marksw

    image prop

    When I create an Image Prop I get a 3d loci at the bottom, at the ground plane, this even is visible when I render.....how do I remove this? VW10.5 / MACOSX
  5. Is there are reference or download file that shows what the various glazing and cabinet styles are that become available when you insert the symbols/object that are provided? Also, how do you inplimnet the styles? I tried changing cabinet styles from 1 to 4 and they looked the same when renderd? VW10.5/MACOSX
  6. I am having the same problem with the door simple...getting a locked plug-in error with the same information in the Error Log. I have reinstalled from VW10 and all the upgrades to 10.5 and still have the problem. I am running on OSX 10.2.8 I checked the lug-ins folder and the files are not locked and all the permissions are unlocked also. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I am now having a similar problem inserting door and french door symbos, not that I have upgraded to 10.5. Since this does not seem to be a singular problem to one indivdual....what gives? What is the best way to address this problem?
  8. Katie, Thanks for letting me know the inside scope on this issue.....guess I'll have to mudly along with the problem as it stands. Thanks again.
  9. Although I appreciate your reply, what I would like to happen is for the application to become active so I can then navigate to the document I would like. Any additional assistance would be appreciated.
  10. Running V10 in OSX when clicking the icon in the dock a blank document is always opened. How can I stop this from happening?


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