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  1. Update: With no responses, i purchased it new for a bargain $1000? (regularly $2000+)plus $200 shipping --canon is replacing this model--, and after getting it up and running, so far i have to say i'm very pleased with the print quality and amazing price since it also comes with a stand, roll feed,paper cassette, networking and 1 year on site service. for a 24" media printer, it's not a small machine but it's all i need. Software instruction is poor and tech support for use on mac could be better informed.
  2. I'm thinking of upgrading my very old but reliable b&w HP Designjet 220 to a color Canon IPF600 inkjet printer. Does anyone have any experience using this Canon 24"w printer? Any feedback is appreciated as there's virtually no reviews that I can find and I want to avoid a costly mistake. I'll be mostly using it w/ Vectorworks 2008 and Mac OS 10.4. Thanks
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