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  1. Hi drafters, Seeing we have to present our drawings I was wondering if I was the only designer/CAD drafter who presents his designs in this particular way. A lot of my clients do not like (read get distracted) from all of the extra information: wall thicknesses, isolations, the usual technical aspects which can be found in the architect drawing. This is my way of drawing (screenshots taking from my VW Fundamentals). And to be honest... I think this way of drawing is more easier on the eye (if you know what I mean). Greetings from the Netherlands
  2. i'll send you a p.m. about this. I've got a VW2012 Fundamentals for you.
  3. I could have thought of this myself ;-) thanks mike! Now only figuring out how this happened in the first place
  4. does anyone know how to change page-based symbols into world based symbols? It has to do with units I found out after setting up my symbols some were (info pallet) page based (green text) and the first few are world based (black text) ..... which I do not understand how this is possible. Hopefully someone does
  5. this is my test result and what I meant by it: the white pixels near 255,255,255 are not deleted unfortunately. Maybe I did something wrong but I don't think so. I work in VW2012, Fundamentals
  6. thank you; I 'll test is this evening. In my mind I'm wondering about the light tones (which are almost white....will they be shown....light green, brown, red, yellow...etc) With a filled color as floor (underneath the images) will they be shown and that is my problem with this solution...I guess ;-) but I have to test this this evening
  7. my findings are that this soulution does not work 100%. There will always be many white pixels that will not be 'set to none/transparant'. I work in VW2012....but maybe this is resolved in VW2013 (hopefully). this is why I developed a new solution with my landscape symbols. Franklin
  8. hi Patrick, no; it is only 2D. 3D representations I do not have; I think the internet consists of a lot of 3D, 2D is barely represented; that's why I draw them myself. I send a few of them to you; have fun with them franklin
  9. if you (or anyone else) still need some I could send you these (screenshot of my Gym-symbols) but than in a outline version ofcourse. Franklin
  10. Monadnoc, thank you very much for your tip: I understand exactly what you mean. I myself just want to keep drawing my type of symbols but a user of mine want to add data to my symbols....which he cannot do: and that/this was his question was: Hi Franklin, Sending 3 images. I have imported a plant graphic to my resource browser for my current design. When I am using the standard graphics that were included with Vectorworks I right click the image and it brings up the option to change the graphics (color etc.) or the plant definition. (photo 6 attachment) This brings up the plant definition screen where I cam modify the scale of the plant and the species data so the plant will be entered into the drawings database. (photo 7 attachment) When I try this with one of your images which I have imported into the browser I do not get the option to go into the plant definition editor. (photo 5 attachment). So I am unable to include it in the drawing. Copy and pasting it into a drawing is not helpful because the plant is not attached to a plant species in the database and is not to the appropriate scale. kind regards. So....what can I do next to help him? Franklin
  11. I fear that I have to buy Landmark than.... weird. Thanks very much for thinking with me MK and Jonathan
  12. So if I understand correctly : I cannot make/develop specific symbols for VW Landmark without a Landmark version? So the symbols developed in a Fundamentals-version cannot be read in Landmark...?
  13. Hello, I've developed many symbols (in VW2012 fundamentals) for the garden designers, but have a problem with VW12 landmark (a question from a VW Landmark user. because I do not have a Landmark version I cannot test things, unfortunately. What did I do wrong with setting up my symbol(s) so that I cannot add data, like a landmark user asked me too (see 3images). I've attached also some symbols (in a Vw file) of mine so you might test it, if you like. I hope someone can help me out. kind regards Franklin van Zandvoort iSymbol
  14. dearest Vectorworks users, here are some (ready to use + free) Interior symbols from my latest version; non-sketch symbols. Just have fun using them! Franklin
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